The good and bad of babies born in July

The good and bad of babies born in July

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Summer bring optimistic babies and extroverts thanks to the sun that they use as a source of energy. So if your baby was born in July or is due to be born during this month, he will be an optimistic baby by nature. But there is more: discover the good and the bad of babies born in July.

Babies born in different months of the year they have different characteristics and styles.Depending on the season, they may be more empathetic, more outgoing, more nervous or less and have a totally different range of emotions and sensibilities. Of course, each child is different and generalities are never good companions, but we show you some aspects that usually occur in babies born in the month of July. It is not exact science, rather it is about applying statistics to the results obtained from diverse and sometimes apparently unrelated investigations.

- Here's what's great about babies born in July:

1. Lots of energy. Summer has endowed July babies with a very special touch and whether they are Cancer or Leo zodiac sign, the sun blesses them by turning them in very energetic people who love strong emotions and adventure. Read on to find out what your baby can be like if he was born with the heats of the summer season.

2. Persevering. Babies born in July are characterized by determinationas they are very focused on their goals and are rarely discouraged by the obstacles that the road of life puts up. When they know their goal, they go for it and it is not easy to distract them. Who knows, maybe his future is in elite sport. They also tend to make a good impression when meeting new friends. Come on, they are going to end up being the kings of the park and the life of the party.

3. A lot of empathy. His empathy is great and none of his movements are selfish or abrupt. Keep track of your little one as many successful psychologists have been born this month. And it is that, perhaps, they do not always have an answer for what may happen, but their compassion and understanding of the moods of others are a great asset in their favor. Also, these babies come into the world with a strong sense of family that they will always defend. For all this, they are never friends of revenge because after a certain period of time, bad things simply let them pass and they do not burn with the desire to settle accounts.

4. Taller and with strong bones. Statistics show that July babies end up reaching 0.5 cm taller, on average, in height and have thicker bones.

- This is the bad thing about babies born in July:

1. Very fragile. On the contrary, they are very fragile little people. The smallest details can create large fissures in them. Sometimes they get too attached to deep feelings and their emotions won't let them unhook and heal. Therefore, they often like to be alone. Give them their space and they will bring out the best in themselves.

2. Very 'questioning'. Although all children go through the stage where everything is questions and the "why?" It seems that is the only thing they can say, babies born under the month of July ask too much, to the point of being able to turn the moment into irritation. Patience, because if you can hold on and respond, they are the sweetest people in the world.

3. More prone to respiratory diseases and mood swings. When it comes to ailments, babies born in July are the most likely to have asthma attacks and to have a cyclothymic temperament (with ups and downs in mood, ranging from moderate depression to emotional euphoria).

4. More hypertension problems. Several studies indicate that girls who have their birthday this summer are more likely to be diagnosed with hypertension problems. Arthritis is also a threat.

5. More myopia and diarrhea. There are studies that point out that "summer babies" have worse distant vision than those born in other periods, being very likely due to the effect of exposure to light. In the same way, the high temperatures of summer lead to the appearance of diarrhea, so you have to be more careful when they are newborns with possible digestive problems and remember that breastfeeding on demand avoids dehydration problems.

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