Candlestick for fall. Crafts for kids

The sun hides, it is not so hot anymore, the wind blows, the days are colder, the leaves of the trees are falling, summer is leaving and thefall. In the fall, when the days get shorter, they have that special light. How many good walks can be taken accompanied by the little ones!

Kick thepiles of dry leaves, fill your hands with them and make them rain on yourself. And, why not, collect some things that children love to do, take them home, and look for a little while to help the little ones make this with their hands.pretty autumnal chandelier. proposes to the little ones to make a homemade autumn chandelier to suit each one of them, all in a simple way and explained step by step. However, children can develop this craft, always under the careful observation of an adult. An ideal opportunity for parents and children to make their own chandelier to decorate the house this fall.

  • A piece of cardboard
  • A piece of aluminum foil
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Cola bar
  • Glue tube
  • Dried leaves of different shades
  • Autumnal fruits
  • Small candle

1. Prepare all the material you will need

2. Draw a circle about 14 cm in diameter on the cardboard and cut out.

3. Line the circle with the aluminum foil. Put glue on the cardboard base and line by pressing so that the aluminum foil sticks well.

4. Glue the sheets playing with colors.

5. Then paste the fruits on top, leaving the center free

6. Lastly, place the candle right in the center of the leaves. And here is the result! You can make as many chandeliers as you want, and thus, form a crown to have an original, beautiful and warm centerpiece.

Proposal sent by Elisa Polo, mother and DIY teacher - Brussels