Letter of the National Anthem of Colombia for children

Letter of the National Anthem of Colombia for children

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The National Anthem of Colombia It is made up of a chorus and eleven stanzas and is a patriotic musical composition that was written by Rafael Nuñez; The music was also composed by the Italian Oreste Síndicia and was presented in public for the first time in 1887. Then we present you the full lyrics of this hymn National of Colombia for children. In this way, they will be able to learn and practice it at home, so they can later sing it at school.


Oh unfading glory!

Oh immortal joy!

In furrows of pain

the good germinates already!

Verse I

The horrible night ceased,

the sublime freedom

spill the auroras

of its invincible light.

Whole humanity

that moans between chains,

understand the words

of the one who died on the cross.

Verse II

"Independence" yells

the american world,

bathes in the blood of heroes

the land of Columbus.

But this great principle: "the king is not sovereign"

resonates, and those who suffer

bless your passion.

Verse III

From the Orinoco the channel

is filled with spoil,

of blood and tears a river is seen running there.

In Bárbula they don't know

the souls nor the eyes,

if admiration or fright

feel or suffer.

Stanza IV

On the shores of the Caribbean

hungry, a people fight horrors

preferring perfidious health.

!Oh yeah! from Cartagena

self-denial is great,

and rubble of death

they despise its virtue.

Verse V

From Boyacá in the fields

the genius of glory,

with each spike a hero

undefeated crowned.

Soldiers without armor

they won the victory,

his manly breath

it served as a shield.

Verse VI

Bolívar crosses the Andes

that waters two oceans,

swords like sparks

they shine in Junín.

Indomitable centaurs

they descend to the plains

and it begins to appear

the end of the epic.

Stanza VII

The victorious trunk

that thunders in Ayacucho,

in each triumph grows

their formidable are.

In its expansive thrust

freedom is released,

from the american sky

forming a pavilion.

Verse VIII

The Virgin her hair

starts in agony

and of his widowed love

hangs them from the cypress.

Regrets your hope

covering cold slab;

but glorious pride

it surrounds his dawn complexion.

Verse IX

This is how the country is formed

sprouting thermopylae;

constellation of cyclops his night illuminated;

the trembling flower

deadly the wind finding

under the laurels

security sought.

Verse X

But it is not complete glory

win in battle,

that to the arm that fights,

he is encouraged by the truth.

Independence alone

the great cry does not silence:

if the sun shines on everyone

justice is freedom.

Verse XI

Of man the rights

little boy preaching,

the soul of the fight

prophetic taught.

Ricaurte in San Mateo

in atoms flying

"duty before life",

with flames he wrote.

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