Christmas postcards. Hanging christmas ball

Christmas postcards. Hanging christmas ball

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Christmas is approaching, and it is time to think about family dinners, gifts, decorating the house ... the children enjoy all these traditions, and to get involved and have more fun we can make crafts together.

Holiday cards are a great way to have fun and make personalized greetings. This Christmas postcard has a hanging ball that children will love because it is very original, you can also use it as part of the decoration.

  • Green card
  • White cardboard
  • Red or other colored card stock
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Colored string
  • Glue
  • Awl
  • Zeal
  • Brads

1. To form the base of our card, we are going to cut two 16 x 10'5 rectangles in green and white. Fold the cardboard on the narrow side, making two longitudinal marks on the cardboard, one at 2 cm. from the edge and the other 1 cm. Do the same on the two cards at both ends.

2. Make a circle on the white card, which is on one side of the card, and cut it out. Do not forget that also on the white card you have to make the two folds at both ends of the card.

3. Cut out a circle from red card or the colors you refer, as long as they are not green or white. Its diameter should be less than that of the circle that we have cut out of the white cardboard. Decorate the cardboard with drawings, die-cutting or cutting out shapes or winding a little colored string around it. Make a hole with the awl near the edge and pass one more piece of string or thread. Glue the ball hanging from the string to the back of the white card.

4. Cut out some different colored stars from construction paper, and place them on the front of the white card for decoration.

5. Put the white card on top of the green one, so that they coincide, and make two holes on each side with the awl, on the folded flap. Pass some brads through the holes so that they are attached. If you do not have, you can paste the cards carefully.

6. Open the flaps, in this way, the ball will hang on the green background of the card. You already have a beautiful Christmas ornament.

Here is the video of how it is done, maybe it will be easier for you to follow it. And if you want to see many more Christmas postcard crafts enter HERE

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