When to take children to daycare

When to take children to daycare

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When should parents take the baby to nursery school? And how should your adaptation be in the first weeks in kindergarten? These are the most frequent doubts of parents who have to go to work and have chosen nursery school to care for their baby.

Although the baby's age varies depending on many factors, such as family finances, experts from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recommend delaying going to nursery school until two years of age, for health and social development reasons.

Attendance at nurseries is related to visits to health centers. Parents should note that the immune system of babies mature with age. The viruses to which children are exposed in kindergarten affect, to a greater extent, the younger they are.

Although the viral diseases suffered by children strengthen their defenses. The later the incorporation to the nursery, the greater the tolerance towards these pathogens.

Another reason that favors the incorporation of children to the nursery at two years It is the benefit that contact with other children has at this age to promote the development of social skills. If your baby needs to socialize, the nursery is the ideal place to do so.

Babies increase their autonomy from 18 months, when the first steps and the first words arrive. This fact will improve your adaptability to kindergarten and to socialize with their peers.

In addition, the passage prior to this age through a kindergarten will avoid the trauma of parental separation when compulsory schooling arrives. The socialization ability It is not only strengthened by the nursery, but also by the presence during the raising of siblings or cousins.

Regarding cognitive development, whether or not attending a nursery has no influence, since, according to experts, the behavior of children during early life it is favored by a single person, either the mother, the father, or whoever is responsible for the care.

The stage of adaptation of the baby to the nursery is essential for both babies and their parents. In general, the adaptation process usually lasts 10 to 20 days, or even longer, depending on the reaction that each baby has.

It is important for parents to be interested every day in what their baby has done at school, as well as to know his reactions, if he has eaten well, etc. And above all, be very patient.

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- Spanish Association of Pediatrics

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