English royal baby names

English royal baby names

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How difficult it is to choose a name for the baby! Sometimes parents find it difficult to agree and choose the final name for their child.

On our site we present you a series of name proposals with a lot of tradition, they are names of British royalty. Names of the most important English kings and queens of all time.

Alfred: from the Germanic peaceful ruler, or council of the elves. He became famous for defending his kingdom against the Vikings by turning, "The Great" or Great, for his people.

Edward: male name of Germanic origin, means glorious Army, Guardian of treasures. Edward's eponymous, "the Elder," was first used to distinguish him from the later king, Edward the Martyr.

George: masculine name of Greek origin, it means He who works the land, farmer. George VI was the last emperor of India (until August 14, 1947).

William: from the Germanic helmet willful or determined protector. During his youth, he served in the Royal Navy; for this reason they nicknamed him the 'Sailor King'.

Isabel: Elizabeth II is the current parliamentary monarch of sixteen sovereign states known as the Kingdoms of the Commonwealth of Nations. His son Carlos is the heir to the throne.

Victory: from Latin victorious. He inherited the throne at the age of eighteen, after the death without legitimate descendants of three paternal uncles.

Ana: from the Hebrew compassion or God has compassionate. She was queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. On May 1, 1707, England and Scotland were united in a single kingdom, so that Ana became the first sovereign of Great Britain.

Mary: was the fourth monarch of the Tudor dynasty; remembered for repealing the religious reforms introduced by her father, Henry VIII, and for once again subjecting England to the authority of the Pope.

Juana: from the Hebrew God is propitious or God has had mercy. Juana Gray was Queen of England for nine days in 1553, making her the second woman to access the English throne, after Queen Matilda of England.

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