How to organize the children's study area

How to organize the children's study area

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If possible, each child should have their own space to study, because their level of concentration will be higher. Therefore, although the brothers have to share a room, they can create different spaces. Each of them must have a different place where they can do their homework.

Although the study schedule and routine is important, it is also important, and a lot, that children are comfortable when doing exercises and studying. Lighting, organization and cleanliness are key to finding a suitable study place.

- To take advantage of natural light, place the study area as close as possible to the window. As a lighting system in the work area, use lamps that provide the necessary light (about 60w) and place them on the left if you are right-handed and on the right if you are left-handed, to avoid shadows.

- When you are going to place the table under the window you have to take into account the radiator, which is usually also in that area. Sometimes its height is too high to place the table on top. The surface of the table should be at chest level and your arms should rest comfortably on it.

- The chair must allow a correct posture. The feet must rest on the floor or on a footrest, the back must be straight and well supported (you can place a lumbar support cushion) and the legs must form a 90ยบ angle with respect to the hip. If it has wheels, you may have to use the brake if the child is very young.

- The use of a desktop or laptop computer is practically essential today, especially when children are already older. Calculate that the workspace must be large enough to work with it. The width of the table will be at least 60 cm.

- Both the lamp and the computer will need a plug nearby. Try to avoid accidents and tripping over loose cables.

- To maintain order and have everything close by, use auxiliary storage spaces such as shelves, organizers, boxes, baskets, wastebaskets ... A clear workspace helps to maintain concentration.

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