Sport to take care of children's backs

Sport to take care of children's backs

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Back to school begins and the campaign to prevent back ailments in children also begins. Annoyances that have a double cause and that are motivated in part by the school furniture and in part by the excessive weight of the backpack of books and school supplies that the students carry on their backs.

Physical activity reduces the risk of back pain, and the central objective of the Campaign for the Prevention of Back Pain in Schoolchildren, which the Kovacs Foundation starts every year.

Although it would be desirable for institutions to do everything possible to prevent children from going from home to school and from school to home loaded with heavy backpacks, which in most cases exceed 10 percent of their weight body, which is the maximum allowed to avoid back injuries, individual sports and, above all, family sports to teach by example are the most effective prevention measures to take care of the back of children.

So that until school conditions change and lockers are available in the corridors and, at the same time, the educational system introduces the use of ecotechnology in the classrooms, so that children can study with a tablet, remembering what you learned on the electronic board and carrying your digital homework planner, the good health of children's backs is in danger.

Practicing sports individually and finding a taste for sports is the best advice that parents can give our children, not only for the health of their back but for their health in general, both physical and mental, since the practice Sports benefits in all aspects of life, even in the emotional field, since it naturally raises the levels of endorphins, substances known as well-being hormones that improve mood and mood.

To learn how to take care of your back, Kovacs Foundation has created an electronic comic with a character, the Dr. Back, which will teach children some tricks to avoid back pain, take care of postures when sleeping, avoid sedentary lifestyle and protect their muscles before, after and during sports. In addition, it recommends the use of wheeled backpacks so that children carry the weight of the books instead of carrying it on their backs.

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