Recipes for a healthy school lunch box

Recipes for a healthy school lunch box

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It is time to take the children to school and many times we do not know what to put in their snack school lunch box. Thus, has selected 12 nutritious and delicious recipes, including cereals, cakes, fruits, sandwiches, etc, so that children have enough energy to face their day to day at school.

In any case, we must always remember that the lunch box should not replace breakfast, but should be a complement that allows them to perform until lunchtime.

We invite you to follow this series of healthy, delicious and healthy recipes that you can add to your children's lunchbox. They are recipes with carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins for the correct growth of children.

Here is a selection of ideas for children school lunch box, with fruits, dairy and other foods that provide energy and nutrients to children during their school day.

Cereal bar with chocolate. Children love chocolate, and now you can give it to them in a healthy and energetic way with this recipe for cereal bars with chocolate chips, so they keep playing non-stop.

Banana and walnut muffins. With a few bananas and some nuts we can make this exquisite recipe for banana and walnut muffins or muffins for children's snacks or breakfast. A very healthy homemade recipe for children to start the day stronger and more animated.

Banana cake. Banana cake with cinnamon and sugar. Crispy banana sponge cake recipe for breakfast or children's snack. Guiainfantil offers you a rich, easy and practical recipe to prepare.

Apple sponge cake. For breakfast or a children's snack, we teach you how to make this homemade apple sponge cake recipe. How to make a homemade apple cake for children. A recipe for children to eat apple, one of the healthiest fruits in the children's diet.

Turkey and cheese sandwich. Recipe for a very healthy and light sandwich for lunch. This whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs is perfect for children to have a balanced and complete diet.

Banana and almond sandwich. Recipe for a banana and almond sandwich for the children's snack. How to make an original and nutritious sandwich with fruit for children.

Hummus sandwich with cheese. Hummus and cheese sandwich recipe for children's snack or dinner. How to make a healthy and balanced sandwich for children's snack.

Chocolate milkshake. How to make a homemade chocolate shake for children. our site offers us to make the children's favorite shake: the chocolate one, for hot days. A whole classic.

Chocolate quinoa cookies. Quinoa cookies with chocolate for children. The combination of quinoa and chocolate is delicious and very tasty for children.

Yogurt muffins. The recipes for homemade yogurt muffins add a very special value to children's snacks. A homemade children's recipe helps us to better control the feeding of our children.

More sandwiches for back to school. Sandwiches recipes for children's snack. The time of the snack is important in the feeding of the children. That is why we propose some guidelines and children's recipes for back-to-school snacks. Healthy and tasty snacks and sandwiches for children.

Other snacks for school. Recipes for children's snacks at school. Sandwiches and sandwiches to take to school. What children eat at school. Infant feeding. Healthy snacks for children.

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