22 positive phrases that sport transmits to children

22 positive phrases that sport transmits to children

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Sport is a great teacher for children. Through sports you learn values, skills that you can use in other areas and of course, you learn to develop positive thinking, essential to achieve goals and gain social skills.

Sport leaves us very didactic thoughts, and phrases that you can use on a daily basis with your child, phrases with which you can educate in values. Here are more than 20 positive phrases that sport transmits to children. Use them with your child.

Sport helps children to overcome frustrations, to trust themselves more, to improve their self-esteem and to become stronger in the face of defeat. Helps them overcome obstacles and to realize that in life you don't always win, but that when you win, you enjoy much more.

Sport teaches your child to win and lose, not to be vain or to be swamped by a bad review. And of course, it helps you to become strong and to find the balance of your emotions.

In addition, sport transmits phrases and thoughts that help us to reflect and to grow inside. Positive phrases like these:

1. 'You can'
Invite the child to trust his possibilities. If you feel that others believe in you, you will feel more supported.

2. 'Set yourself a goal and don't lose sight of it'
Sometimes the goal is not reached because of some distraction along the way. Avoid losing sight of your goal and getting distracted by other things.

3. 'From falls one gets up'
A fall or defeat or it means the end of nothing, but one more step to move forward.

4. 'You did it'
Recognition of effort is essential. Never forget to say this phrase to your child. It is full of gratitude and strength.

5. 'You have overcome many obstacles'
It serves to remind children that the road to success is not easy. You will encounter many problems and doubts, but it will always be worth it.

6. 'Get over yourself'
We set personal limits for ourselves. Sport invites you to break the limits to show yourself how far you can go.

7. 'You do not fight against others, but against your own fears'
Many times it is fear and doubt that prevent us from moving forward. The fears are to be overcome. They are not bad, because they put us on alert and we are more perceptive in the face of external threats, but we must always prevent fear from taking over us.

8. 'Do you see how teamwork achieves better results?'
In team sports, the child will realize the importance of collaborating with each other to reach the goal.

9. 'If you think you can do it, you will'
There is nothing more powerful than self-confidence. It is the basic pillar to achieve victories (in all fields of life).

10. 'Never stop believing in yourself, never stop dreaming'
Dreams create illusion, motivation, and illusion is like gasoline in a car. With it many objectives are conquered.

11. 'With effort and perseverance, you will succeed'
Sport shows children that it is not always a matter of luck. With effort and perseverance great challenges are achieved.

12. 'It doesn't matter how you start, but how you end'
Sometimes children 'sink' when they start a task and find that it does not go as expected. However, if you think positively and move on, you will find to your amazement that you can achieve your goal. Many athletes start badly and end up first.

13. 'Nobody said victory was easy'
In fact, the more it costs to reach it, to achieve victory, the happier it will make you.

14. 'It's all a matter of practice'
Perseverance is everything. It is not tried once, not twice, but hundreds of times. In the end, it is achieved.

15. 'If you don't trust yourself, you will always find obstacles that prevent you from moving forward'
Lack of confidence is like a slab, a huge stone that we carry with us. Totally incompatible with success.

16. 'The more dreams, the further you go'
Who comes to tell us: 'do not set limits'.

17. 'The important thing is to enjoy sport'
Learning by playing, that's the ideal. With sport you learn and enjoy yourself, could there be a better combination?

18. 'If you never lose, you will not enjoy the happiness of victory'
Imagine that you always win. You will feel good, yes, but never as happy as someone who lost several times and finally wins. This is because the things that cost the most, are much more appreciated and appreciated.

19. 'You can only move forward if you think positively'
Negativism does not bring anything good in life. Yes, for example, complaints, if they serve to improve something. 'Constructive' complaints, so to speak, can be helpful, but negativism (which we should not confuse with realism) cannot.

20. 'Don't just think about what you can do to improve. Think about what you can do so that your teammates also improve '
What do they need from you? This would be the phrase that we should ask ourselves from time to time.

21. 'If you live it with passion, you will have enough motivation to do your best'
Again the illusion of an activity is essential to motivate you to achieve the goal.

22. 'Seek your strength in balance'
It is as bad to be all day euphoric (unrealistic, really) as depressed (this is bad negativism). In the balance is the virtue: be realistic and think positive.

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