The 10 most successful girl names in the second decade of the 21st century

What names do they get the most? Which ones do you like the most? Are there any 'old fashioned'? How to get the name of our little girl right? Know which are the most popular can help us choose our baby's nameEither because we want to join the reigning fashion or because we prefer to avoid it so that our daughter is not one of those who are called that in her generation.

Lucía (33,740) occupies the first position in the rankings of the first five years of the second decade of the XXI century. They are followed by the traditional María (30,513), Paula (28,342) and Daniela (24,002). But there is more: discover the 10 most successful girl names in the second decade of the 21st century.

During the first decade of the 21st century they were among the most preferred Marta, Laura and Andrea, but they lost ground and stopped appearing in the first ten places on the list in the last five years. Below we review with you the most listened to girl names in recent years:

1. Lucia: of Latin origin (‘lux’) and means “woman who was born at dawn”. The light that emerges in the morning is synonymous with joy, prosperity and hope. Good news for whoever takes this name. Saint Lucia is the patron saint of the blind, since according to legend she was a Sicilian martyr from the times of Emperor Galerius who regained her sight despite having her eyes gouged out. His saint is celebrated on December 13.

2. Maria: comes from Hebrew and its meaning and etymology (it is synonymous with Miriam) are highly debated. Taking into account the Egyptian etymology, it would come from ‘maryam’, which means “mistress of God, lofty, eminent”. Mary is the mother of Jesus and therefore its religious component is responsible for the fact that today many women around the world incorporate it as a primary or secondary name. His saint is celebrated on January 1 as Holy Mary, Mother of God; on May 19, as Mother of the Church; or August 15, like La Asunción.

3. Paula: of Latin origin, which is associated with the word ‘paulus’ and whose meaning is “small” or “humble”. This name was widely used in Roman times although it later fell in popularity to be recovered at the end of the 20th century. His name day is January 26.

4. Daniela: of Hebrew origin that means “God is my justice” or “God's judgment”. It is the feminine form of Daniel, one of the major prophets, and is associated with goodness and wisdom since in his time he had a reputation as wise, just and capable of interpreting dreams. In fact, Daniela's personality is based on the concept of justice. His name day is July 21.

5. Sara: of Hebrew origin and means "minister, command" and that can be interpreted as "princess". It is a name of a biblical character, which appears for the first time in Genesis. Sarah was the wife of the Patriarch Abraham, to whom she gave a son, Isaac, when his father was already 99 years old. Sara also stands out as the servant of María Magdalena, known as Sara la Negra and who, despite not being officially canonized, is the patron saint of gypsies. His name day is October 9.

6. Claudia: It comes from the Latin. Its etymology derives from the term ‘Claudio’, which means “light”. Formerly, the Claudians were a group of people (Roman gens) who ended up being accepted by another group, that of the patricians, the powerful, during the Roman Republic. This name evokes goodness and honesty and is interpreted as "woman who finds it difficult to walk." His saint is March 20.

7. Alba: Its origin is Latin, specifically its etymology comes from the word ‘albus’, which means “dawn”, “dawn” or “white” color. It aims to express renewal, the strength of each day and the desire to move forward at all times, but it also identifies with purity and enlightenment. His saint is celebrated on August 15 or May 14.

8. Irene: It is a name of Greek origin, coming from ‘eirene’, a word that means “peace”. It comes from Ancient Greece and especially from one of the mythologies of Homer, making reference to the Olympian deities of the climate and the "ministers" of Zeus. His name day is October 20 or April 5.

9. Sofia: of Greek origin comes from the word "wisdom" so it is interpreted as "she who has wisdom". Hagia Sophia was a Roman martyr in whose honor Emperor Justinian had a temple built in the city of Constantinople. This was converted into a mosque by Mohamed II in the 15th century and is currently one of the jewels of Byzantine art. His saint is celebrated on September 18.

10. Martina: It comes from Latin and has a religious meaning related to the God Mars. Regarding its etymology, it comes from ‘Martinus’, which in turn originated from ‘Mars’ or ‘Martis’. Martina then translates as "woman closely united to Mars." His name day is January 30.

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