How is recovery after the second and subsequent births

How is recovery after the second and subsequent births

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It is incredible how a woman's body changes to be able to house her child, a uterus that multiplies its size by 7, the placenta, amniotic fluid.

In a short time the abdomen is distended, the hips widen, our breasts increase, we retain fluid and we gain weight (this is highly variable, some gain 6 kg and others more than 20 kg).

If postpartum recovery after the first pregnancy is usually quick, How is the recovery after the second and subsequent births?

Postpartum recovery in the first child, physically and aesthetically, is usually quite fast. By this I am not saying that you will leave the hospital wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes, but that in about 6-8 weeks, doing hypopressives and moderate low-impact aerobic activity on the pelvic floor, you will be able to get into your jeans.

But although the recovery is good, the truth is that we are not the same 100%. Being mothers changes us inside and out, and that is neither good nor bad; is different.

In later pregnancies, the normal thing is that we immediately notice that our gut comes out (which took us almost 5 months in the first one), that our hips widen more, etc. And the truth is that postpartum recovery is usually slower in second and later deliveries.

One of the main reasons is the lack of time, in a first pregnancy we had all the time in the world to take care of ourselves during pregnancy (Pilates, yoga, gymnastics in the water, etc.) and once the baby was born, going to centers where you can go accompanied by the little one it is possible to take care of you.

But with 2 children or more everything gets complicated, the time we have is less for everything; and one of the biggest mistakes women make is to put ourselves as the last priority: the children, the house, the job, the partner, the family first… and if there is some time left, then us. And that takes a toll on our well-being.

Obviously, the more pregnancies, the greater the laxity of tissues, we usually stay with a few extra pounds from a previous pregnancy with what we are adding; and in the end the recovery is usually slower because we need more time to recover, and we don't usually grant it.

But with effort, time, patience and perseverance we will be able to have a healthy physique regardless of the number of children we have. It is true that there are women who are genetically better endowed and take less time to return to what they were; but most of us have to work it out.

Not only does something like this happen with the external image, but with our pelvic floor (regardless of the delivery you have had); pregnancy is a risk factor for dysfunctions at this level: urinary incontinence, prolapse, pain during sexual intercourse, etc. The greater the number of pregnancies, the more serious the dysfunctions and it will take longer to rehabilitate it. But there is always a solution to these problems.

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