Parents change diapers too, what about changing tables in men's bathrooms?

Parents change diapers too, what about changing tables in men's bathrooms?

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Times have changed a lot when it comes to parenting. Gone are the past times where the father was the one who worked and the mother was the one who took care of the children.

To date, much progress has been made in eliminating gender labels. There is more equality in education and parenting. Thus, we can see every day more parents who commit and work side by side with their partner helping in all those tasks that were previously considered exclusive to women. Tasks such as: bathing the baby, playing with the little one, feeding him, or changing the diaper. Yes, fathers change diapers too, but where are the changing tables in the men's restrooms?

It is true that couples increasingly share responsibilities in raising their children. But "modern" parents still find many obstacles when it comes to helping.

Despite the awareness of equality that exists today in raising children, we can continue to see clich├ęs and stereotypes based on traditional customs that make progress in this aspect difficult. As an example of this we can take a topic that is very hot today: what happens with changing tables in men's bathrooms. Parents also change diapers, how will they do it if there is no infrastructure?

It doesn't take much research to see that most of the changing tables are in the women's bathrooms. It is true that there are more and more men's public toilets that have them in large cities, but they still have to be looked for hard. The solution, in the end, is usually to change the child on the floor or in the car itself.

Therefore, it is a way to somehow cut off parents from the care and upbringing of their children. Faced with this problem, the solution today is to depend on the will of companies and municipalities such as Madrid (Spain), which already in 2017 took a step forward by installing changers in different cultural buildings in the city.

But these wills can only be considered as patches since still there is still no law that establishes that both male and female bathrooms in all public buildings have baby changing facilities.

Obligation by law in public buildings is the first step and the "seed" that causes this practice to be established in other private buildings such as restaurants.

Enacting a law like this would be essential to establish a legal basis that can guarantee advancement in equality.

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