10 mistakes parents make with athletic children

10 mistakes parents make with athletic children

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We are more and more parents that we try to get our children to do some kind of sport at an early age. We also tend to instill these hobbies in them when they are young because we know that the fact of practicing a sport has educational aspects as positive as: the importance of physical development in children, having a healthy lifestyle, making friends and socializing with their peer groups, etc…

The problem appears as our children grow and excel in their sport. Parents began to behave more like trainers, masseurs, managers or sports psychologists than parents. And this attitude on our part is a problem that we must avoid. Here you have some of the mistakes parents make with athletic children.

I list the 10 most common mistakes that as parents of athletes we must avoid immediately, are:

1. Support, not advice. He needs your support and not your advice. Support him so that he is happy and likes to practice his sport.

2. Don't scold him for his mistakes. Think that your child does not want to fail. It fails because it is learning, it is in the learning process and no matter how good it is, it does not know everything, just like you, as a parent, you do not know everything and you fail many times.

3. Sport is a game, not a competition. Like any sport, it is a game, that is, it was born to have fun. Sport is a game. And the game is a good learning tool.

4. It doesn't have to be your future. Make him enjoy every moment, do not project his future. Don't talk to him about when he's a professional sportsman or when he's going to go to the Olympics.

5. Don't criticize the coach. Don't belittle the coach. Maybe you don't like his coach and maybe you're even right, but he is his coach and your son has to respect and listen to him. It is important not to overshadow the roles.

6. Don't criticize the referees. Similarly, don't belittle the referees. Just think of one thing, if there were no referees there would be no sport or game, it would be chaos. Thanks to them your child can practice his favorite sport. In addition, your child must be trained to be respectful to everyone and everything.

7. No yelling. Don't yell at your child in public, if you want to say something better in private. Educationally speaking it is said that the compliments in public and the corrections in private.

8. Don't mess with your peers. Do not speak ill of his colleagues, after all, they are his colleagues with whom he spends many hours and surely many of them will end up being friends.

9. Don't lose your cool, stay cool and calm. Your best version as anyone's is to be calm and quiet.

10. Enjoy watching him play. That seeing him does not suppose you a moment of tension or evaluation but a moment of fun and joy.

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