10 names of witches from children's stories for girls

Choosing a name for the baby is a very special moment and awaited by all parents. It is an important decision that deserves to be considered calmly. Although you have some ideas for a long time, now that its birth is approaching you have to weigh all the possible options. Any topic can serve as inspiration to find the most beautiful way to call your daughter. Therefore, in our site we have made a list with the 10 best names of witches from children's stories for girls.

Many of our tastes and preferences are marked during childhood based on the experiences we live, the first friends, the people we meet ... Therefore, it is not surprising that many people consider calling their child after their favorite character from the books I read as a child.

In the collective imagination, witches are evil creatures with hooked noses and brooms, who always use tricks and spells to get their way. However, they are also very magical and powerful beings with a very important role in children's literature. In the following list you will find some beautiful names for girls inspired by children's stories.

1. Anastasia
Anastasia is a name of Greek origin that means "resurrection" or "she who can resurrect". It's the name of Cinderella's evil stepsister, who was always trying to make life miserable for her. But surely this name also sounds familiar to you because it is that of the famous daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, whose life was a mystery after the October Revolution.

2. Beatriz
In this list of witch names for girls we also include Beatriz, after Bellatrix Lestrange, the evil witch who appears in the Harry Potter book saga. It is a name of Latin origin with a very beautiful meaning, since it can be translated as "happy" or "blessed". This name is closely related to literature, since Beatriz was also Dante's muse for "The Divine Comedy".

3. Circe
Passing on Greek mythology to children in the form of a story is the best way to make it attractive to them. And a story that they will like a lot is that of Circe and Ulysses. It tells of Circe, a goddess and sorceress who had the power to transform people into animals. Circe is a very original name that can be very beautiful for all those parents who want a different name for their baby.

4. Griselda
Would you like to call your daughter Griselda? It's the name of Cinderella's other half-sister. Its origin is German and its meaning is "illustrious person, gray-haired". Your daughter may not be born with hair this color, but there is no doubt that Griselda is a name that conveys a lot of strength. His saints are celebrated on October 21.

5. Jennifer
Have you heard the story of Jenny Greentooth? This tale from English folklore tells of an evil grindylow or witch named Jennifer who tried to drown children and the elderly in a river. This name has become very popular in recent years, because there are many celebrities who bear this name: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence. This name means "white as the foam of the sea".

6. Morgana
Children love stories starring King Arthur. And in the stories of this monarch the sorceress or fairy Morgana, the king's sister, always appears. This name has Gaelic origin and means "The great queen born from the sea". It has such a beautiful sound that it makes it a very elegant name for your girl.

7. Sara
The origin of the name Sara is Hebrew and means "princess" or "lady". It is a biblical name corresponding to Abraham's wife and Isaac's mother. But the reason it's on this list is because Sara was also the name of the unsympathetic owner of the evil Siamese cats from the tale of "Lady and the Tramp." The saints of this name are celebrated on July 13, September 12 and October 9.

8. Ursula
Úrsula is a traditional name with a lot of history. The legend of Saint Ursula tells that she was murdered by the Huns along with eleven thousand other virgin women in Germany. This fact makes her the patron saint of the city of Cologne. But, in addition, Úrsula is the witch from "The Little Mermaid" who appropriates Ariel's voice. The origin of this name is Latin and comes from ursa, which means "bear". His birthday is celebrated on May 29 or October 21.

9. Wendy
Also in the fantasy of the Harry Potter books we meet Wendelin the Sorceress, a name that has led us to Wendy. As it is said, this witch nicknamed La Rara was so fond of being burned at the stake that she allowed herself to be captured many times. But, on the other hand, this name refers to the girl who travels to Neverland with her brothers, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

10. Yzma
And finally, in this list of witch names for girls we include Yzma, a very original name that parents who are looking for an original way to call their newborn daughter will like. Yzma is the name of the witch from the Disney story of "The Emperor and his follies".

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