Topón and Topillo. A tale about childhood jealousy

Topón and Topillo. A tale about childhood jealousy

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We tell you an ideal short story for children who feel jealous: 'Topón y Topillo'. It is a story with values, which delves into the feeling of jealousy between siblings.

Find out what happened to Topo and Topillo, two brothers who thought their parents favored one more than the other.

Mrs. Topo had two children: Topón and Topillo. Topón, who was the oldest, believed that his mother always favored Topillo and every morning he complained, saying:

-You have given Topillo a better breakfast than mine.

"No, Topón," replied Mrs. Topo. "It's not better, it's different." Topillo is still small and cannot eat the same as you. Both breakfasts are good. But Topón was not convinced.

When it came to washing his face and getting ready, Topón protested again:

-My comb is harder than Topillo's and it pulls more.

Mama Topo explained that Topillo's hair was very fine and needed special care, but Topón believed that his mother preferred his little brother.

When Mrs. Topo announced to her children that they were going to come out of the burrow to play for a while on the surface, Topón had an idea:

"I will go out through the Topillo tunnel because I'm sure it is also better than mine." Neither short nor lazy, Topón ventured down the path his brother used to leave, but he could hardly advance at all because it was so narrow that he got stuck almost at first.

-Help, help! - Topón shouted- I'm trapped in the Topillo tunnel!

Mrs. Topo and Topillo began to dig quickly with their nails in the ground until they finally managed to free Topón.

-What a scare Mom, that tunnel was too small for me!

"Sure," her mother replied, "but it's perfect for Topillo."

Mrs. Topo then said to her eldest son:

-Topón, I love you just like Topillo and you, the only thing that happens is that you need different things. Remember that: "each walker has his own path: it should not be compared with that of the neighbor".

You can use this short story to check if your child paid attention. Improve your reading comprehension with the help of these questions:

1. Who were Topillo and Topón?

2. Who was jealous of both of them?

3. What happened to Topón for wanting the same as Topillo?

4. What did the mother say to Topillo and Topón so that they did not feel jealous?

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