The 15 most popular stories for children in the 15 years of

The 15 most popular stories for children in the 15 years of

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. turns 15! And we celebrate it with stories about friendship, solidarity, affection, honesty ... We have made a compilation of the15 most popular children's stories in these 15 years of our site so you can find the stories that your children like the most.

Stories and fables are very beneficial for children. They help them to know the world around them, stimulate their creativity, allow them to reflect, teach them values ​​... In addition, building the habit of reading a story together every day will create a very special bond with your child. Look at these beautiful stories!

1. Uga the turtle

This pretty tale encourages perseverance and effort in children. It tells the story of a turtle named Uga who prefers not to do his homework because he is slower than his friends. An ant helps you understand that if you never try, you will never know if you can do it. This story will help your child realize that with effort he can achieve everything he sets his mind to.

2. The boy and the nails

Stories also help children understand and manage your emotions better. If your child has a very bad temper, this story will help him understand that his bad reactions, tantrums and tantrums can have negative consequences. This story is about a boy with a very bad temper who had to drive a nail every time he felt like he was losing his nerve. Little by little, she realized that it was easier to stay calm than to drive a nail.

3. Daniel and the magic words

This is the story of Daniel, the great wizard of words, and talk about kindness. This boy's grandfather gives him a box full of very bright letters, with which he can form different words. He always builds nice words that he gives to his family making everyone very happy.

4. The Congress of Mice

In the 15 years of our site we must also remember the beautiful fable of Samaniego "The Congress of the Mice". It talks about rodents that, tired of the attacks of a cat, meet to find a solution. With this simple story you can help your children understand that proposing new ideas is very easy, but it is not always so easy to carry them out.

5. Sneaker race

This children's tale encourages the values ​​of friendship and companionship. One day, the forest animals decided to organize a race with slippers. The giraffe boasted of being the tallest and most beautiful but, it needed the help of other animals to fasten its shoes! Will the rest of the animals you have made fun of help you?

6. The fortune teller

This Aesop's fable It will help your child reflect on the people who are trying to scam you. It tells the story of a fortune teller who tried to guess the future of a neighborhood. One day the inhabitants realized that everything is a scam and they feel very disappointed.

7. The boy and the sweets

Reading fables with your child will stimulate his imagination and help you educate him in values. This story of Aesop will teach children that greed it is a detestable flaw. It tells the story of a boy who was so eager to eat sweets that his arm got caught in the container that contained them. What a scare he got for being so greedy!

8. The witch

Cautionary stories will make your child think about values ​​and behaviors. This is the case of this short fable starring a witch who sold enchantments. One day, she was accused of going against the law and deceiving all her clients by showing that you can't trust everyone.

9. The wolf in sheep's clothing

This is one of Aesop's most popular fables, and it talks about the values ​​of honesty and solidarity. One day, a wolf put on a sheepskin so he could eat a sheep. But what could happen if the shepherd mistakes you for a lamb ...

10. A rabbit on the road

Compassion is one of the most important values ​​that children must learn, as soon as possible. This story tells of a family that discovers a small injured rabbit on a road. Should we save him or leave him there because he's just an animal? From this story you will be able to talk with your child about kindness and generosity.

11. The elephant Bernardo

Bernardo is a very joking elephant who always makes fun of the people around him. However, one day his classmates teach him a lesson that helped him learn that we must respect everyone around us. If you think that sometimes your child is rude and disrespectful, this beautiful story it can help you think about your behavior.

12. The lion and the mouse

"The lion and the mouse" is a short fable whose moral talks about the need to collaborate with others, although they are very different from us. In this children's story, a lion teases a mouse because of its small size. But when the little rodent manages to save him from a trap he has fallen into, he has to apologize.

13. The cicada and the ant

This is one of La Fontaine's most popular fables and talks about perseverance and effort. While lying in the sun, the cicada laughed at the hardworking ant, who was hoarding food for the winter. But what happened to the cicada when the cold came? What did you find to eat?

14. Pinocchio

Children love the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who wanted to be a real boy. This story is full of core values that your child has to learn from childhood: not to trust strangers, effort, respect, friendship, responsibility ... But, above all, this story will teach your child not to lie.

15. Ugly Duckling

This story, written by Hans Christian Andersen, will teach your child that what is different can also be beautiful, so there is no reason to be ashamed of it. By reading this story of the ugly duckling, who ends up becoming the most beautiful on the lake children, children will understand that you have to accept people as they are.

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