Wounds on children's fingers

Wounds on children's fingers

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Since my children were babies, I have taught them stop falls with your hands. You always have to put your hands first to stop a fall and thus avoid breaking your teeth or breaking a bone. For this reason, it is important to go down the stairs with your hands out of your pockets, look at the ground and be aware of the unevenness of the road and, above all, be cautious.

But, if children brake with their hands, generally, These are the ones who take the worst part of the falla, suffering from shallow cuts, raw knuckles, broken fingernails or crushed fingertips. After the impact, the blow or the crushing of the fingers and nails of the hands or feet, it is necessary for the nail and the skin to regenerate.

- The first recommendation after the contusion is to put the child's finger in very cold water. If the fingertip has been crushed, while the finger is soaking, it is advisable to wash it gently. Then, with scissors and with great care, we can cut the pieces of torn skin, apply an antiseptic and if the wound has a cut and can get dirty, it should be covered with a plaster for 24 hours. Then we will leave it uncovered to heal.

- If the child's finger nail has been split and is torn off or semi-torn, we must cut it along the tear line with scissors or a sterilized nail clipper. Afterwards it is convenient to apply an antibiotic cream and cover the affected part with a gauze that does not adhere. The gauze should be changed every day, a moment that should be used to insert the child's finger in a warm saline solution. After 7 days, the nail bed should be covered with new skin.

- In the event your knuckles are skinned, as it usually happens when falling from a bicycle, scooter or skates, it is recommended, first of all, to clean with soap and water, remove all dirt and press on the wound, if there is bleeding. Afterwards, cut the remains of skin, especially if they are dirty with sterilized scissors. Put an antiseptic and cover the wound with a non-stick gauze.

In principle, this is what we parents can do at home for the fingers of our children, but It is advisable to take them to the pediatrician if they do not move their finger or fingers normally, if the wound does not stop bleeding despite direct pressure, if the wound skin is open, if the wound is so dirty that we cannot clean it, if the finger is very swollen and if it has So much blood has accumulated under the nail that the wound is very painful.

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