When can you cut a baby's hair

Some babies are born with a lot of hair and others are born with very little. The color and amount of hair that the baby has at birth is not definitive and during the first months it will fall and transform until it acquires more consistency. That is why many new parents wonder when they should haircut to the baby.

Hair, like baby's skin, is very delicate in the first months but can be cut without problems when it is convenient. However, before cutting your hair, you have to take into account some safety measures and also forget about certain myths that circulate around that first haircut of the baby.

Many people still believe in the legend that the baby's hair should not be cut until he is one year old because if not, he will lose his strength, or it will take longer to say his first words, or it will cost him more to start crawling ... endless premonitions that have no foundation. Baby hair can be cut anytime because neither their health nor their development will be affected in any way.

The time of the first haircut will depend on the characteristics of each baby. Some babies are born with hair and after a few weeks it falls out unevenly, leaving little bald girls especially in the area where they rest on the pillow. It is the time when some parents want to do their baby's first haircut to match all the hair.

Other parents consider that their baby has abundant hair and if it is hot season they prefer to cut it or even shave it to make them feel more comfortable. And in this matter of shaving the baby's hair, there is also the myth that you have to do it so that the hair grows stronger. Again this is a false myth since the baby's hair is determined by the Genetic heritage.

Now that we have clarified that the best time for the first haircut depends on each baby, the next question parents ask themselves is how do I cut my baby's hair? Fears of doing harm if we do it ourselves are logical and the option of taking the baby to the hairdresser is not very motivating either, since most salons do not have adequate facilities for a baby.

That is why it is necessary to arm ourselves with security and cut the baby's hair in our own home. Since some babies are scared by the sound of hair clippers, it is best done with a pair of rounded tip scissors that cut well. Safety is the first thing so as not to hurt the baby, so it is better to do it between two people. One to hold the baby's head and watch that it does not make sudden movements and another person to cut the hair. If we also choose the time after the bath, the baby will be more relaxed and there will be no problem.

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