Announcing at work that you are pregnant, is it still a problem?

Announcing at work that you are pregnant, is it still a problem?

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The moment you confirm that you are pregnant is one of the most exciting of your life. You are going to have a baby! Within the state of perpetual joy in which you enter, you are reviewing how much your life is going to change from now on. You will have to buy a bigger car, you will have to change the decoration of your office, you will have to save more ... and you will have to announce at work that you are pregnant.

We have all heard a thousand and one stories about a friend who had problems at the office after telling that she was having a baby. Fortunately, things are changing, but is it enough? Is it still a problem for working women to get pregnant?

How could it be otherwise, you are very excited to know that you are going to have a child, but your boss may not do as much. Many company directors do not approve of the fact that a female worker has to be absent more often for medical check-ups, that she cannot do certain jobs because they are dangerous for her pregnancy, that she has to hire another person to cover her absence and / or leave of absence ...

Employers are not going to fire a woman because she has become pregnant, as any court of law would consider it unfair dismissal. But there are temporary contracts that are not renewed, trial periods that are not exceeded or added pressure and difficulties for the pregnant worker to leave the position.

Fortunately, the current situation is less and less dark. Although announcing at work that you are pregnant continues to cause stomachaches and knots in the throat from nerves, we are hearing more and more cases of women who only received congratulations from their superiors.More and more companies are trying to make your life easier to those who are going to be parents: more flexible hours are proposed, they are given more days so that they can go to the doctor, after the birth they are allowed to take advantage of a reduced day ...

It is to be celebrated that there is increasing awareness and protection of pregnant women at the work level, however, still insufficient. Until the fear of sharing such a happy moment as pregnancy in the workplace disappears, it will not be enough.

If you have become pregnant and do not know how to tell your superiors, here are some tips that will help you face the moment with more peace of mind and security.

1. The best time to tell
You are the one who has to decide when to tell work that you are pregnant. Although there are some women who announce it almost from the first day they find out (many times forced by constant nausea or the need for rest), others prefer to wait until the strict 3 months. This may be a good time to go public, since the gestation is already advanced and the company still has time until you leave to reorganize the work.

2. Tell him in privacy
Find a good time to tell them, if possible, when you are alone. Although they should never take it badly (because remember this is not bad news), if you tell them at a very stressful time they could take the worst news.

3. How to communicate that you are pregnant
Telling your bosses that you have become pregnant will depend on the type of relationship you have with them. For example, in case you have a very formal link, it may be more correct to communicate it in writing. However, if your relationship is more personal, they will like you to tell them in person (even if you later accompany this announcement with a written communication just in case). In any case, they sure appreciate hearing from you rather than rumors.

4. Explain if you need a change of tasks
There are jobs whose performance can be dangerous for a pregnant woman. If you are concerned that your tasks could be harmful to the pregnancy of the baby, do not hesitate to tell your superiors so they can change them. Remember that, at this moment, the most important thing is you and your pregnancy.

5. Be clear and honest
You must be clear when explaining what you expect during these months and after delivery. In this way, misunderstandings will be avoided and the company will be able to get used to the idea of ​​how it is going to be organized. Explain, for example, if you are thinking of taking maternity leave months before leaving your accounts or if you are thinking of requesting a leave of absence once your child is born. You can even propose to a colleague who you think might be a good substitute for your position and offer to teach them the assignments.

6. Speak confidently
If this conversation with your bosses makes you very nervous, you can prepare it beforehand. Think about what you are going to say to them and try to anticipate the questions they may ask you. In this way, you will feel much more secure in your words. During the talk, speak with confidence in yourself.

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