10 phrases of Mother Teresa of Calcutta for children

10 phrases of Mother Teresa of Calcutta for children

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There are phrases that do not leave us indifferent. Phrases that contain a deep message, full of values ​​and wisdom. It is the case of all these phrases of the mother Teresa of Calcutta, selected by

Mother Teresa of Calcutta She was canonized on September 4, 2016 by Pope Francis. In 1950 she created the Missionaries of Charity order. His goal: dedicate his life to others.

Here are some of the most famous phrases of the mother Teresa of Calcutta. They are phrases of a saint devoted to charity towards the poorest, who transmit values ​​to children and adults:

1. 'Many times just one word, one look, to fill the heart of a child. '

2. 'If you don't live for others, life has no meaning.'

3. 'For every drop of sweetness someone gives, there is one less drop of bitterness in the world.'

4. 'Love, to be authentic, it must cost us. '

5. 'You'll teach how to fly, but they won't fly your flight... You will teach to dream, but they will not dream your dream ... You will teach to live, but they will not live your life. However, in each life, in each flight, in each dream, the trace of the path taught will always remain. '

6. 'We spend a lot of time making a living, but not living it long enough'.

7. 'The most beautiful day ?: today; The biggest obstacle, fear; The biggest mistake ?: sinking; The best teacher ?: children; The worst feeling ?: The resentment ...

8. 'I do what you cannot and you do what I cannot. Together, we can do great things'.

9. 'Peace begins with a smile'.

10. 'We can't always do great things, but we can do small things with great love'.

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