The pumpkin that wanted to be watermelon. Halloween tales

The pumpkin that wanted to be watermelon. Halloween tales

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Pumpkin is one of the symbols of Halloween. It is a tradition to empty it and use it as a lamp or lantern, while sponge cakes and pumpkin cakes are usually made with the filling.

The pumpkin carving It is a custom that has its origin in the legends and traditions of the Celtic peoples, although today it is very common to carve Halloween pumpkins in the shape of a monstrous face and put a candle inside. Pumpkins are used mainly in the decoration of houses, both inside and outside during the holidays.

In We present you this Halloween tale starring, how could it be otherwise, by a pumpkin.

Once upon a time, in a beautiful orchard, there was a pumpkin that wanted to be a watermelon. One day all the fruits and vegetables in the garden were playing, and the watermelon asked the pumpkin.

- Why would you like to be a watermelon, if you are a cute pumpkin?

To which the pumpkin replied:

- I want to be a watermelon, because of your beautiful green color and your large size.

The watermelon said:

- But you are also so beautiful with that bright orange color.

The pumpkin said:

-But I'm not as tasty as you.

The watermelon replied:

-Don't think that, you are delicious in sweet.

- In sweet? Asked the pumpkin.

- Yes our lady It will use you to decorate the day of the dead and then it will make you sweet.

- Really?

- Of course you do, be happy that they will make you sweet and you will be more tasty than me, you'll see ...

And the pumpkin got so happy that now it looked forward to the day of the dead to be sweet and tasty like watermelon.

Author: Maricarmen García Rosas

The origin of the tradition is born in Ireland. Many years ago, a tight-fisted and quarrelsome Irishman named Jack was unlucky enough to run into a demon himself in a tavern. It was Halloween or Halloween Night. Jack, who was a drunkard, tricked the devil himself, giving his soul in exchange for one last drink. The devil agreed to the deal and transformed himself into a coin to pay the innkeeper for Jack's drink. Jack picked up the coin at full speed and put it in his purse.

Jack had a crucifix in his purse, so the devil could not return to his original form. Jack had the same demon kidnapped, so he made another deal with him. He wouldn't let the devil out until he promised not to ask for his soul in 10 years. The devil had no choice but to accept Jack's blackmail. 10 years after that night, Jack met the devil again in the field. The devil was going to take Jack's soul, but Jack thought how to get out of that situation and said:

- I will go with you as agreed, but before doing so, would you bring me the apple that is on that tree?

The devil thought that he had nothing to lose by taking the apple and giving it to him, winning the soul of a sinner. He leaped to the top of the tree to pick up the fruit. But before the devil knew it, Jack had already carved a cross into the trunk of the tree, again leaving the devil trapped and unable to move. Then the devil could not come down.

Jack forced the devil to promise never to ask for his soul. The devil had no choice but to accept and erased the cross. Escaping the devil who could not take his soul.

Jack died years later, but he could not enter heaven, because during his life he had been a sinner, drunkard and a con man, as we already knew. When he tried to enter hell, the devil had to send him back, he had promised and he could not claim his soul.

Where am I going to go now? Jack wondered.

And the devil replied:

- Go back the way you came and roam the world of the living again, even if you are dead.

The way back to the world of the living was dark and the wind did not let him see anything. The devil gave Jack a burning coal, to give him light and guide him in the darkness on the way back. Jack put it inside a turnip he was eating, so it wouldn't blow out in the wind. Jack started back, wandering in the dark forever.

Celtic peoples hollowed out turnips and put charcoal inside them. They placed these turnips in the graves, to illuminate the way back to the world of the living to their dearest deceased and thus they welcomed them. It also served to protect from evil spirits.

When the Irish eventually came to America, they got to know pumpkins and saw that they were much larger and easier to hollow out than turnips, so the tradition of putting a light inside a turnip was changed to that of making it inside a pumpkin.

And that was how Jack-o-lantern or the pumpkin became famous Halloween characters.

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