Frankenstein. Halloween story for children

Frankenstein It is a literary work of the English writer Mary Shelley, a classic horror narrative that has been very popular since its inception. In this story a mad scientist seeks to give artificial life to a being created with different human parts, this is how our main character is born: a monster named Frankenstein.

This time shows you an adaptation of this classic novel, a Halloween story for children, ideal for having fun and awakening their curiosity about the habit of reading.

Once upon a time there was a scientist named Frankenstein that he lived in a distant castle and had had a macabre plan in his hands for a long time !; give life through artificial means, to a being built with different parts of human beings.

People made fun of him, they took him for crazy, which made the scientist become even more obsessed with his project, looking for corpses of convicts that could serve him for his horrible project.

A few months passed and the scientist managed to build that monstrous beingIt only lacked the current of energy necessary to give it life! After a strong storm, lightning struck the castle tower giving life to his creation, little by little he began to move his fingers, then his hands and legs, finally stunned, he opened his eyes! Frankenstein had done it! His project had finally come to life! There was only one small problem, his creature lived, but it was very clumsy and slow.

During the following months the doctor and his assistant Brenda, they tried to educate and teach the monster, but always hiding its terrifying appearance. One afternoon 'Frankie', the name that the creature had received from the scientist, managed to escape from the castle, began to see the world around him, trees, flowers, nature, everything was beautiful! However, when he found himself face to face with a little girl, she screamed and ran out terrified.

Frankie didn't understand why the girl had been so frightened, until she was reflected in the lake. His appearance was terrible! The people of the town began to chase him, to yell at him, Frankie in fear ran to where the castle was, where his creator was waiting for him. When he was face to face with the scientist he asked him:

- Why, why did you create me? Can't you see they hate me?

The scientist replied:

-No, it is not you they hate! They hate the unknown, they are ignorant! Escape, you are unique, you are my greatest achievement, you must save yourself!

When he finished saying these words, he helped him out through a secret passage, then he tried to stop the crowd, but it was too late, the townspeople had set fire to his laboratory. Everyone left happy because they thought they had destroyed Frankenstein and his creation.

Far from there, on top of a mountain, a lonely old man almost blind I had found a true friend whom he would come to love like a son.

And colorin colorado this story is over.

1. What plan did the scientist Frankenstein have?

2. Why were the townspeople making fun of Frankenstein?

3. What happens when your project 'comes to life'?

4. What was the appearance of the being that the scientist created?

5. What was the reaction of the people to the creation of Frankenstein?

6. How did the story end?

7. What lesson does this story teach us?

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