Why do we celebrate Halloween?

We all know that the Halloween party is not a Spanish tradition, but rather an American one. The reason that for more than 8 years I have celebrated this foreign festival in my house is not linked to a religious tradition, such as the celebration of Christmas, or pagan, as is the case, actually has an explanation more than ritual celebration that serves as an excuse for a festive gathering.

The Halloween celebration at my house began so that my oldest son could invite his class friends (7 years old) to the house, and that everyone could have a snack and dress up as they wanted, it was not essential that they come dressed as ghosts witches or mummies, the requirement was simply that they come in disguise. That idea and that of being able to go up and down through all the floors ringing the bell to ask for sweets was already exciting and exciting for the children.

Year after year, keeping the same party spirit or social gathering, we have been incorporating new props such as the decoration of the living room according to Halloween night: a spider web, hanging spiders, stickers on the windows, somewhat dark background music, a pumpkin and a skull at the entrance to receive friends, etc. Even a servant girl dresses up to keep the suspense ...

For a couple of years, my little daughter has joined in this same 'illusion' and a month before the date of Halloween she is asking me if we are going to organize the party that she eagerly awaits. She, above all, is interested in how important that day is for us, that her friends have a good snack, that they like the decoration of the house, in a word, what we have all always wanted: to have a happy day!

In short, all parents or educators could organize at any time, for whatever reason or with any excuse, a small party or meeting in which the friends of our children come home to enjoy and participate in a friendly celebration and an atmosphere something esoteric, nothing more and 'nothing less'.

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