Why is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

Why is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

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Thanksgiving Day in the United States it is quite an event. Thanksgiving Day is imposed on Christmas since it is when the whole family gets together, they even travel from one state to another to be all together.

In the United States, families are much more independent than Latin or European families. The children become independent and can live away from their families throughout the year, speak little on the phone and even lose contact. However, if there is a tradition that manages to bring them together around a table, it is this: the Thanksgiving.

In 1620, the first group of European immigrants, fleeing poverty, disease, and church ties, reached North American shores. They traveled from England aboard the Mayflower ship and landed at Plymouth.

The Native Indians of Massachusetts welcomed them with open arms and they shared their knowledge with those pilgrims on how to harvest those lands, how to hunt or cure the meat of native animals.

The pilgrims organized a great dinner to celebrate that the abundant harvest would help them through the following winter. These Thanksgiving celebrations lasted for several days.

Little by little this celebration permeated American society and the first president of the United States, George Washington officially declared February 19, 1795, the first official day of Thanksgiving. Lincoln subsequently changed it to October 3 and finally Roosevelt decided that it would be held the fourth Thursday of the month of November, date that is preserved today.

Thanksgiving is one of America's major celebrations and marks the beginning of the Christmas season. On that day, families gather around a table where the traditional menu is based on roast turkey, mashed potatoes, glazed green beans or carrots, caramelized sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing or stuffing for turkey and muffins. The typical dessert is pumpkin pie and apple pie. But before eating, the families proceed to put their hands together and say a prayer of thanks.

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