This is how children born on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe are

This is how children born on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe are

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The exact day of birth of a baby You can determine what the child's personality is like. And it is not the same to come to this world in summer, autumn, winter or spring, than to do it at the beginning or at the end of the week. And what about those who poke their heads out on a date marked on a calendar by the saint of a Virgin? Do you want to know what characterizeschildren born on the day of Guadalupe's Virgin?

Many are the traits and characteristics that define the personality of the babies who come into this world on December 12, day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a festival that is celebrated with great fervor and passion in Mexico, but also in the province of Extremadura, Spain.

If there is something that babies born on this date stand out for, it is undoubtedly for their kindness, kindness, patience, attention and outstanding behavior. From a very young age, they will be children who adapt perfectly and with great ease to the outside world and to the meal, bath and sleep routines transmitted to them by their parents.

They are very smiling children, that will turn heads when you take them out for a walk in their baby carrier or stroller, everyone will want to cuddle them and they, very grateful, will always respond with wide eyes and a wide smile!

When they arrive at kindergarten / school they will not have any problem when it comes to interacting with their classmates, in fact, everyone will want to be with them. They have a special gift for listening to others and to give that word of encouragement that always comforts those who are having a hard time, whatever the circumstance: a failure in an exam, a dispute with another classmate ...

Another aspect of children born on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, also known as "La morenita del Tepenyac", is that they are very mysterious people, how could it be otherwise. And it is that, to this day, what is behind the gaze of the patron saint of Mexico is still being investigated and studied, since some scientists speak that more than 13 different characters are drawn in her pupils: an indigenous person, an old man , a young man, a black woman ...

Like they are very receptive, When it comes time to express their emotions, especially if they are negative, they prefer to keep them for themselves, and all because they do not want to make their parents, siblings and other relatives suffer.

From the moment you have your baby in your arms, you will realize that he is a small, autonomous, strong and fighter, something that you will observe and confirm in your day to day together. He won't be afraid to get up and walk without the help of Mom or Dad's finger, and not when you introduce him to solids, or teach him to dress himself. It is clear! There will be nothing to stop you, you will go far!

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, so the name is hugely popular with Mexicans. It is a very traditional holiday and a highly venerated Virgin.

Origin and meaning of the name Guadalupe
It is a name of Arabic origin although some theories affirm that it comes from the union of three terms wadi-al-lub or wadi-lupi, which give it the meaning of 'river of black stones' or 'river of wolves', respectively.

Saint of the name Guadalupe
December 12th

Numerology of the name Guadalupe
The name is associated with the number 7. For this reason, their desire for protection, a generous and helpful character stands out. It is characterized by its honesty, loyalty and generosity. She is often a counselor with her children and with everyone around her.

- Guadalupe Amor, poet (1918-2000)

- Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond "La Lupe", Cuban singer (1939-1992)

- Guadalupe Villalobos, "Lupe Vélez", Mexican actress (1909-1944)

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