What a woman feels when her pregnancy test is negative

What a woman feels when her pregnancy test is negative

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They are only five seconds, but they can become an eternity. The time that elapses since you do the pregnancy test until you see the pink streaks (if they do come out) they are endless. Fear, anguish, despair or uncertainty are feelings that accompany you at that moment. And is that, To get pregnantIt is not as easy as many people think.

There are some who are lucky and, the first time, they get pregnant, but others like Megan Lynne Ferrero have to make several attempts to achieve their desired dream. "There is a lot of talk about pregnancy tests that test positive, but what about those that test negative? Why is nothing said about it? ", This British woman posted on her social media.

Those pregnancy tests that, without words, they are saying it all. Just an image of pink streaks that creep into the mind. Once again, one more month, negative! And we review the test three minutes later, 10 minutes later, half an hour later to see if its status has changed and with the illusion that it was wrong and see if that second magic line appears, but no! "If you are like me- Megan Lynne Ferrero comments- you will even compare it days later, because perhaps what happens is that it did not look good. And you take several photos with your mobile, you will edit them, you will put them in the flash ... and you do it in vain! ".

All illusions fall apart. "You, before doing the pregnancy test You had already calculated when your baby would be born and you were even thinking about how you were going to communicate the good news to your partner, to your family members, to your friends. If it was in summer, you imagined yourself on a trip to a surprising place with the whole family; If the circumstance was delayed a little more, you thought then it is to do it after the holidays; Or if it occurred in November, in your head you created the stamp of doing it on Halloween, but the reality is that Halloween arrives and you are still the same, with your pregnancy test negative, "Megan explains.

You go to doctors, you talk to friends, you look for any source of information that answers this great question: Why can not I get pregnant? And, here, as Megan Lynne says, everyone thinks: "They tell you that it is stress, that influences your reproductive capacity, so you try to pretend that you are not. But you can't help feeling a little scared, even when Months go by and you don't have a brother or sister there for your current child, and the idea that they will be together for a short time becomes more and more a fantasy than a reality. "

But what happens when we turn on the television and baby commercials start running? Or when you walk down the street and come across several women with a cart and other pregnant women? Not to mention the moment when your coworker communicates the good news that in 9 months she will be a mother. You rejoice, but inside you feel enormous envy and inexplicable pain. That, as Megan says, is not talked about either. But it is there, in the hearts and heads of many women who see time taking them away from their desire to become a mother for the first, second or third time in their lives.

Today all of us, those of us who are already mothers but also those who are struggling to achieve it for three, four or five years, feel closer to each other thanks to this testimony of Megan. Today we are all Megan! It is difficult, but there is hope.

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