Funny sayings for kids

Funny sayings for kids

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Years of experience and traditional knowledge have made sayings a good fun educational resource to teach children moral values ​​or give a advice children about certain behaviors to follow, or to avoid.

With the sayings we want to sentence a lore deeply ingrained in a certain culture. It is not known who invented them, but over the centuries they have gone coining, and today there are so many sayings for everything that it is impossible to know them all.

In We show you some of the best known and fun sayings to teach children. Funny sayings for kids They will entertain, learn and pass on, in the same way that they have been told from one generation to another for centuries.

1- I love you a lot doggy but little bread
Be suspicious of those who want to help you and when you need it, they don't give it to you.

2- I'm hot, people laugh
It does not matter what people think of us, if what we do brings us some benefit and does not harm anyone.

3- Although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays
Do not try to pretend what you are not, in the end you will always be yourself.

4- The one who went to Seville lost his chair
Seize opportunities before someone else takes them away.

5- Loose lips sink ships
Do not talk more about the account if you do not want it to turn against you.

6- The ox spoke, and said mú
That person who talks a lot and doesn't say anything constructive.

7- Juan Palomo: I cook it, I eat it
You take care of an issue without giving an account or explanation to anyone.

8- The goat always throws the mountain
Try as you may, it is useless to fight your own instincts.

9- Dead the dog, the rabies is gone
If the cause that caused an evil has ceased, you no longer have to worry about that evil.

10- Cat with gloves does not hunt mice:
When the necessary tactic is not being used to achieve a certain end.

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