Why should you change the child's standing diaper according to the Montessori method

Why should you change the child's standing diaper according to the Montessori method

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Getting the stroller mounted, preparing a bottle without it being too cold or extremely hot, or putting on the bodysuit without any button being dislodged are some of the challenges parents face. But what about changing the diaper? and of changing the diaper standing up to your child?

When they are newborns, diaper changes can turn into a series of "fun" episodes. What father has not happened to change the baby's diaper and just when he is dressing the little one has pooped? And start over! Another funny situation is the one where you are cleaning him up and ... he pees! Not to mention the day you put the diaper inside out, the back in front.

As children get older, diaper changes can turn into an ongoing war between the two. The little one moves a lot, it is difficult to adjust it well and, in the end, the pee comes out. what do in this situation? We have the solution: changing diaper standing!

The Montessori method is based on respecting the child's natural process and promoting their autonomy, hence they are supporters of the diaper change vertical position. And it is that there are many benefits changing diaper standing To a child:

- When standing, the child is aware at all times of what is happening around him and is much more receptive.

- The child is more collaborative and that makes him participate in the action of change the diaper. The most active will even want to clean themselves. If this is the case with your son, let him! It is a gradual learning.

- It becomes a new stage. Changing the standing diaper it will help and facilitate the transition from peeing or pooping in the diaper to doing it in the original or in the toilet.

- From this vertical position, the child will also be able to raise or lower his pants and thus, little by little, he will learn to dress.

Of course, this action must be done from 15 months, when the child already begins to stand up safely and there is no risk that he will lose his balance.

Before getting down to work, everything needs to be prepared.

- Choose the right moment
If the child is playing, respect him and allow him to finish what he is doing. Otherwise, it will refuse and it will be worse.

- Make that moment more attractive
Since diapering is something that many kids aren't overly excited about, make it a fun time! Sing a song on the way from the dining room to her bedroom or tell her a story.

- Have everything you need at hand
At least two diapers (in case one gets stained in the change), wipes (in the market there are those that can be thrown directly into the bathroom or those that should go to the garbage container) and cream for the butt (especially in children with atopic diaper dermatitis).

Another of the positive aspects it has changing diaper standing the child is that it prepares him for the last phase: removing the diaper permanently and beginning to wear panties or briefs. If you are about to enter that stage, here are some practical tips !:

- It must be a gradual process, in which the child can not be forced at all.

- Each one has its own process and maturation. Try not to compare your child with the rest of the friends from the nursery / school.

- He has to be prepared, but so do you. It can be a fast or slow path and you must be patient.

- If he pees himself, don't scold him! The only thing you will do is make him feel bad and go back in this process that you have started.

- Try a brief type diaper to help you get started in this new adventure you are facing.

- You can opt for the urinal or, directly, the toilet, although it will have to be with an adapter so that it does not fall.

- Be attentive to their gestures. If you notice that he is restless, that he crosses his legs, that he touches himself ... encourage him to go to the bathroom!

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