Names for babies born in December

Names for babies born in December

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Doubts arise around the choice of the baby's name. We want a name according to his personality, but it is still too early to know his character. The children's astrology can help us to know in advance what type of personality our baby will have according to his month of birth and his zodiac sign. We have some names for babies born in December.

The babiesborn in December They can be Sagittarius or Capricorn, two signs of the zodiac that despite their differences, have some common characteristics. These December babies are generous children with a great capacity for effort. They also stand out for having great concerns and a curious mind that facilitates learning.

1. Jesus. This name of Hebrew origin that means'God is the savior ', it is perfect for a child born in December. Belonging to the biblical tradition, the name is strong enough not to be outdated, but traditional.

2. Valeria. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to strength and vigor, so it can be perfect for your girl. It is a very charming name that is modern and sophisticated.

3. Manuel. It is of Hebrew origin and means'God accompanies'. This is the other name they gave to the biblical Jesus. We are facing a name that remains active backed by a long tradition and a charm that is difficult to resist.

4. Laura. This name for a girl is of Latin origin and has a meaning that talk about victory. Its popularity has changed throughout history, but today it is an attractive name that remains fresh and original.

5. José Ángel. The Hebrew origin of Joseph joins the Greek origin of Angel in one of the most frequent compound names for boys. While the meaning of Joseph is'abundance', Angel is a 'delivery courier'. The name is full of elegance and distinction and has a special charisma capable of reinforcing the personality of your child.

6. Natalia. This name of Latin origin has an etymological meaning related to the Christmas, making it perfect for a girl who is born in December. It is a strong name with a special musicality that remains original and fresh.

7. Guillermo. It is a name of Germanic origin with a meaning very protective. The name is ideal because it grants class and distinction like few others and also has a long tradition. Guillermo is one of those names that reinvents himself in each generation.

8. Sara. This name of Hebrew origin belongs to a biblical character. It is one of the most delicious names for girls for its simplicity and charm. Able to highlight the delicacy of your girl, Sara is always current and maintains her popularity. Sara means 'Princess'.

9. Bruno. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning of 'the one who protects the breastplate' for some, while others place it in the Germanic tradition and with a meaning that would refer to the Dark skin. This confusion only increases the mystery of this name for a boy that is original and that brings charisma and personality.

10. Patricia. Of Latin origin, its meaning refers to the social group of the patricians, so it has an aristocratic and distinguished air that is difficult to match. Like it for its musicality and because it reinforces the personality of any girl. In addition, it is totally current.

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