Private classes or English academy for children, which is better?

Private classes or English academy for children, which is better?

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Parents' concern for their children to learn English is very common. We are aware that speaking this language is essential to have a comprehensive training and more enriching language skills. And it is true that English is very present in our daily lives and in that of our children.

Since they are little we try to get them started in this language, what happens is that many parents do not know how to face this learning. They are in the dichotomy of choosing between private lessons or an English academy for children. What helps our children's learning the most?

To make the best decision, the first thing we must take into account is the importance of the teacher being truly that, a teacher. That is to say, that it is a person who has studied a topic related to education, be it teaching, philology, etc. If not, it cannot be assumed that I will have enough resources for a good preparation of the classes and, therefore, a good learning of our son.

Many times we become obsessed with looking for a native speaker, however, in my opinion what really matters It is not so much that he is from an English-speaking country, but that he is a teacher. In my case, for example, the fact that my mother tongue is Spanish does not qualify me to teach Spanish to children. Therefore, as parents, we must ensure that the teacher who attends our children is prepared and trained to teach.

To help you decide what is best for your child to learn English, below we explore the advantages of both private lessons, with a teacher who comes to your home, or attending a language school.

1. The advantages of having private lessons at home with a teacher

- Teaching is extremely personal. The teacher will only take care of teaching one or a couple of children.

- Learning progress is very fast, since the private teacher has more capacity to deal with each student separately.

Time is used more, since there are one or fewer students. However, you have to be careful because boredom and laziness are quickly reached.

2. What's good about studying at an English academy?

- Improves socialization of our son by being with other children.

- Learning with more children gives us the measure of their level, since their progress can be compared.

- The groups of the English academies are usually between six and eight students, which, although there are more children per class, makes it an intervention very individualized.

- The preparation of the classes is usually adapted to the level of the students, since most of the academies seek a homogeneous level in their groups.

- From an academy there is usually more offer of transversal activities, such as group plans, trips abroad, library service, activities with students of different levels, etc.

Once the advantages of both have been analyzed, as parents you have to make a decision. But, let us never forget that, as parents, we also have the right to make mistakes.

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