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What I've learned from these blogging mothers and influencers from Peru

What I've learned from these blogging mothers and influencers from Peru

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More and more mothers are turning to the Internet to find ideas for varied and healthy dinners, or to know how to act if the little one is afraid of sleeping alone, or if their adolescent child has problems at school and endless other maternity issues that concern us all at some point or another. What can we find when we surf the Internet? Well, among many other things, some interesting profiles of blogging mothers and influencers. So that you stay with the most useful ones, in We have prepared a list of the best blogs in Peru dedicated to motherhood.

If you are also looking for, want or need a space where you can share your doubts about motherhood and speak with complete confidence about the experience of being a mother, these profiles will be of great help. You won't be able to stop reading!

1. Guilty mom
"It has to be a blog with a lot of sense of humor." It is the first thing we have thought when we have read the original name that its creator has chosen. But it is also a blog that talks about how to manage motherhood in a fun, responsible and loving way. Are you tired and can't quit? Do you know what the chronicle of damage is? How about a gingerbread house to survive the holidays? What we have learned and we no longer forget is that parenting with humor is much better for everyone.

2. Neuro Mom
Milagros Sáenz proposes plans to ask us in summer, questions to ask the little ones when they leave school and finally get them to tell us how their day has gone and the reasons why you don't have to be friends with your children either, among others many things, of course. And it is that this space that already has thousands of followers, is another ideal place to let go and learn to see everyday things from another point of view. The author also shares her concerns, fears, follies and the neurosis of being a mom who wants everything.

3. Mommy to the rescue
Pots and fun recipes, how to decorate the playroom, how to celebrate parties, how to freeze food in the fridge ... And many more super practical tips that will make your everyday life simple and different. Behind Mami to the rescue hides Carolina, a Peruvian mother with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations who says that having a child makes you suddenly have an improved version of yourself. How much we have to learn from her!

4. Mom of two flip flops
Lucero, Lu as she likes to be called, is another Peruvian mom blogger and influencer who has built her virtual home around her own experience of motherhood. This is a personal space in which the author reflects her experiences since she was a mother. Now one of her flip flops is going to college and the other is at the tender age of 9. In addition to a personal space, there is a whole community of Peruvian moms and dads who are committed to healthy parenting and funny stories. You sign up?

5. Mommy's Tales
'Being a mom is something indescribable but I try to make it describable through my posts. They told me many anecdotes about motherhood and it seemed cute, but the truth is that it does not resemble reality at all. It is a billion times better. Sure, it has its ups and downs and it's not easy, but it's the best job and by far the best experience in the world. ' Have you felt identified with the words of this mother based in Lima? If the answer is yes, this will be Sheela Sharma's space and it will be one of your favorites from now on.

6. Babylon
We continue with our list of Peruvian mother bloggers influencers that you should know talking about Babylon. Vanessa Babilonia, lover of the jungle and aguaje pacifiers, is the one who started this blog when she felt the need to share what she lived as a mother of two children, now she is waiting for the third. She shows us with love and transparency all the light and dark sides of motherhood. Ideal for mothers and fathers looking for a point of support and reference.

7. A chibola mom
The experiences and the adventures and misadventures of a 22-year-old mom who considers herself a millennial. Their little Cayetana is now 3 years old and together they have learned a thousand things and those that are yet to come. If you need help with your little one's tantrums, you want to laugh a little to change your mood, you have any suggestions or you just want to connect with other moms, be sure to follow A Chibola Mom.

8. Blame it on Dad
A blog in which these Peruvian parents share their experiences since their precious twins came into their lives. If you want to know more about this family and at the same time have excellent advice on carrying, parenting with attachment or how to travel as babies, among many other things, be sure to visit them. You won't know where to start!

9. My Life in a Candy
"It has delicious recipes." It was the first thing they told me about her, so I got down to work to check it, or rather, get down to business, because it's reading one recipe after another and wanting to make them all. Nydia Aguilar, a Peruvian mother who hides behind this interesting blog, is a business administrator by profession, who also carries a taste for cooking in her genes. She is the mother of two little girls and loves to eat well, healthy and very varied. You will have to find excuses to get out of the kitchen.

10. Oh mom!
Silvia Navas is a 32-year-old mother who is passionate about life, adventurous and lover of letters, painting and doing crafts with the little ones. In this blog we can see excellent ideas of activities to do with the little ones in the house, delicious recipes to enjoy as a family and many other DIY ideas with which you will surely have a better time than the children. Also perfect for planning nice trips with your children.

Which of these spaces about motherhood tops the list of your favorites?

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