Why you should drink coconut water while breastfeeding

The feeding and care of a nursing mother should be as important or more if possible than when she is pregnant, hence many questions arise about what to eat or not eat. One of the most frequent doubts of many women arises around a specific drink. Do you want to know why you should drink coconut water while breastfeeding? We will tell you!

Cristina goes to visit her best friend Laura's house, since she has called her worried because her milk production has been somewhat diminished. Laura has a 4-month-old baby and her mother-in-law 'recommended' that she drink coconut milk to increase production, but the new mom is hesitant to try it because she does not know if it is really good or bad for her son. Of course, her mother-in-law did it with her children, also recommended by her mother, but Laura still decides to call her friend Cristina for advice.

Surely this situation sounds familiar to you and, at some point perhaps not with coconut water but with another food, you have experienced something similar with respect to the intake of some food during breastfeeding. Today, specifically, we are going to talk about coconut water. Do you think it is good or, on the contrary, do you think it is bad to consume it while breastfeeding? Let's get out of doubt!

It is no secret to anyone that there are many myths about breastfeeding, and even more about the diet that the mother should take. 'Don't take this because the baby will dislike it' or 'Take such a thing to make more milk' are phrases that a nursing woman has to hear almost daily. In fact, previously, it was considered that the mother who breastfed should have 'special' care such as not leaving the house or not bathing.

Food also did not escape those beliefs that, to this day, are only myths (although they continue to create a lot of insecurity in new mothers). Many times it was advised that if a mother wanted to increase her milk production, she should drink coconut water. What would be true in this statement? Is it another myth or reality that could help many infants?

It is true that throughout the gestation period and during breastfeeding, a woman needs a balanced diet, but it is also true that there are no foods that increase or decrease milk production. The only real thing is the greater the suckling by the baby, the greater the milk production.

Breast milk is produced from the message that the stimulus of sucking sends to the mother's brain through a hormonal process triggered by sucking that has nothing to do with what the mother eats or does not eat.

During this stage of a woman's life, the mother must maintain a balanced diet, supplemented with good hydration. And there are many lactating women who need to have a glass of water next to their bedside table because breastfeeding makes them very thirsty. Is it your case? If so, you should know that Coconut water, due to its properties and benefits for your health, can become your best ally:

- Coconut water is obtained from the coconut, an edible fruit that is obtained from the coconut tree. It is a natural liquid low in calories.

- It is rich in vitamins, (including B complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E), sugars, amino acids, enzymes, minerals (copper, magnesium, iron, zinc), Electrolytes (such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium), cytokinins and phytohormones (natural hormones).

- It also contains dietary fiber, easily digestible carbohydrates and lauric acid, which has powerful antimicrobial and antiviral activity.

- It is a highly hydrating drink and the fact of being hydrated while breastfeeding the baby, of course, intervenes in the production of milk.

- Its consumption during lactation increases fatty acids such as: caproic acid and lauric acid in breast milk, which increases the infant's immunity.

- Helps keep the body well hydrated, acts as an antioxidant for the body and therefore stimulates the immune system.

- It also helps maintain adequate blood pressure levels when you are breastfeeding and promotes digestion.

We start this post with the story of Laura and her problem breastfeeding her baby. Obviously, in your specific case, breastfeeding technique should be evaluated, but if we talk about whether coconut water is good, I think we would benefit from including it in our daily menus.

The mother-in-law was not in the wrong direction, but what she did not know was the why was coconut water so good in lactating women and that, by hydrating, helps to produce milk, so if you want to drink coconut water and you are breastfeeding, no problem !!!

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