My mom. The most tender children's poem to dedicate to all mothers

A mother's love for her children is just as intense and sincere any day of the year. However, on Mother's Day they deserve a little tribute, for all the love they give us every day. Therefore, in Guiainfantil.com we propose you a very tender children's poemwith which any mother will feel identified. Its titled 'My mom' and talks about those mothers who have the solution for everything. And of course, your love is the best medicine you can ever find!

Surely more than one mom will drop a tear of emotion when she sees her children reciting this poetry dedicated to the enormous love she feels for them.

For this poem to become the best gift for Mother's Day (or any other day of the year), encourage your children to recite it in front of her. You can do it the way you like the most: reading it directly from the paper, from memory, turning it into a song or a rap, asking the children to write it themselves and make beautiful decorative drawings ... You can really enjoy giving it to them to mom but also preparing everything for her.

Mommy mommy,

my feet really hurts.

How can it not hurt!

Have you looked at your shoes?

They are turned upside down!

Put the shoe on the floor

next to you put your foot,

if you are a good observer

the shape of the foot is seen.

Mommy mommy,

my fingers hurt a lot.

Mom laughs funny,

Have you taken a good look at your hands?

You see? They are not your size.

Spread the glove on the table,

open your hand beside him,

if you are a good observer

you will see that they belong to your brother.

Mommy mommy

my leg hurts a lot.

This morning at school

playing with my friends,

I have gone to get on a chair

And I've fallen to my knees

Mama looks and caresses me,

she tells me that she heals him,

he kisses me tenderly.

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Since our site We want to send a big hug to all the moms in the world and say ... Happy Mother's Day!

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