8 games for children who finish tasks very quickly in the classroom

8 games for children who finish tasks very quickly in the classroom

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As they are practically tiny containers full of energy, children can become restless after completing assignments in the classroom. That is why in we propose some ingenious games to all those kids who finish homework too fast. They are educational activities that entertain them while the rest of the students finish with the exercises proposed by the teacher. Let's explore them!

The purpose of the classroom for children is to learn and develop in the most important areas such as motor, cognitive and social, especially in young children who are just beginning to discover the world around them. Therefore, teachers must create school routines that Include learning materials, but keep them fun.

However, it must be taken into account that each child is different and that each of them has its own pace of work. While some students do the activities very quickly, others take a little more time. To prevent faster children from disturbing or distracting those who work more calmly, teachers need to find activities for everyone to learn in an organized way.

What can be done in these cases? Simply rely on teaching resources and offer entertaining individual and group school routines, that they also continue to stimulate their intellectual and social development.

The best playful option to entertain in the children's classroom and maintain control is to organize different games with the children. You can be inspired by these ideas:

1. Memories
The classic game in which children have to find the same pairs. Did you know that you can prepare this entertaining board game yourself? It is ideal for children of early ages, since it stimulates their mental, visual and spatial agility. The advantage is that it can be enjoyed individually or in small groups.

2. Puzzle
Puzzle is another fun classroom game that young children can love. In the same way, you can create the puzzles yourself in class. What if you make a Ragged Bear puzzle? Children will want to finish their homework as quickly as possible to have fun with this board game.

3. Ludo or Parcheesi
It is a classic board game that we can still use today. In addition to being entertaining, this game promotes attention, respect and decision-making in order to win. As soon as two children have finished their homework, they can play this game. However, it is important to explain to them that they should do it in silence so as not to disturb their colleagues.

4. Box of surprises
You can put several pieces of paper with a specific activity inside a box for the children to do once they have finished their homework. We give you some ideas: draw and paint, create a story or poetry, cut out shapes, write the alphabet, etc.

5. Treasure hunt
This school routine is especially interesting for children, although it can only be done if there is enough space in the classroom. It is about hiding different objects and giving the child (or children) who has already finished their tasks a little hint to find them.

It is important, however, that this game does not interfere with the work of the other students who are still working. Therefore, it may even be a good idea to play this game in a different room than the work room. I recommend that you change the objects every two or three games to keep it interesting.

6. Guided drawings and origami
In the case of drawings, you only need to make templates of different themes (for example, numbers) for the children to fill in. You can also propose to make Origami figures. To do this, you must give your students some instructions on how to fold the sheets.

7. Minesweeper
Bring the mythical computer game to your classroom with some own modifications, but keeping the objective of discovering the unexploded mines. You can lean on a blackboard where they have to discover pieces of leaves. In this way you can stimulate their sense of space, logic and help with attention.

Another similar game that you can enjoy in pairs is 'The Naval Battle'. Remember to remind them to play all these games in silence!

8. Random stories
With this exercise, young children will be able to create a story or a story from different random words that you place inside a box and then put together to give it their own meaning. They will have a lot of fun!

As I mentioned earlier, young children attract attention best when they have some entertaining appeal to them. Otherwise they will get bored and lose all concentration or they could have behavior problems such as tantrums and fights between colleagues, which would prevent the proper functioning of the class.

Also, all these games are a good initiative to go developing their skills mental, physical and social in a non-forced way. They will even want to take these activities home and keep practicing with them. Therefore it is important to find games that leave a learning.

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