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Eustolia rat story to explain to children what stress is

Eustolia rat story to explain to children what stress is

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Children's stories can be a very useful tool to teach children different concepts that are difficult to understand. This is the case of anxiety, nerves, fear ... Therefore, here we leave you the story 'The Eustolia rat in the city ' that will help you explain to children what stress is. In this way, when they feel stressed (or see us stressed) they can name what they feel.

Eustolia, the white rat that lived in the forest, enthusiastically accepted the invitation of her mouse cousins ​​and went to spend a few days in the city. He had never been there, and as soon as he got there he went for a walk with his mouse cousin.

- Do not leave my side and do everything i do - advised his cousin Ramiro.

They came to a large avenue, and at the traffic light Eustolia stopped, imitating his cousin, waiting for it to turn green.

- Oh! Ayyyyyy! - She screamed in pain when someone stepped on her tail.

- You have to be very careful in the city. It can be very dangerous! - Ramiro told him.

Looking to both sides of the street they ran across until they reached the other side of the street.

- Run! Run! Run! Run! - roared the car engines.

Then an ambulance sped past. - Boy Boy! Boy Boy! Boy Boy! Boy Boy!

Eustolia jumped and fell on her back, under the stunned gaze of her cousin. Ramiro laughed and, hiding, held out his leg so that he could hold on and get up.

- Ratatatatata! Ratatatatata! Ratatatatata! Ratatatatata!

- What a hellish noise! - Eustolia shouted covering her ears.

Do not panic! They are laying the pipes - he said - we play here every night running through the corridors.

Eustolia had only been in town for half an hour and I was completely stressed, but said nothing.

- Follow me! I'm going to take you to a place that you are going to love - said Ramiro, slipping through a sewer.

They went down a long, dark gallery, climbed some damp, slippery walls, and appeared in a small room where there was an elevator. They climbed the cables and ended up on a stair landing. They entered the house and went into a room where someone was snoring peacefully. They went out through the ajar door, down a long corridor, and into the kitchen.

Eustolia went all the way without losing sight of her cousin: if he got lost there, he wouldn't know how to return home.

- Come, here they always have delicious food - said the mouse, moving its muzzle. - Look! - He shouted, pointing to a large piece of quince. The two approached drooling. Suddenly, a thud left them paralyzed. Whoosh!

They had gotten rid of the stocks by a few millimeters.

Eustolia fell back upside down, this time next to Ramiro. When he believed that no more calamities could happen to him, that was when he discovered the gleaming eyes of a black cat and his heart froze. They got up in terror and ran through the house until they found their way out.

When they reached the mousetrap, Eustolia was completely black and was breathing with great difficulty. In his life he had been so afraid, and never thought the city would be so stressful. He took a deep breath, relaxed, and that same afternoon said goodbye to his cousins ​​and returned to his peaceful life in the woods.

Keep enjoying and reflect on the history of the Eustolia rat with the activities that we propose below.

1. Reading comprehension questions
The first thing you should do after reading the story with your children is to make sure they have understood the story. To do this, we propose some questions that you can ask them:

- Where was Eustolia invited by her cousins?

- How did the rat feel while in the city?

- Name an incident that caused stress to the protagonist of the story.

- Did Eustolia have a good time in the city?

2. Act out the story as a theater
Paint some mustaches as if you were mice and act out the story of the Eustolia rat in front of the rest of the family. In this way, your children will put themselves in the shoes of the rat and will know what it feels like to be stressed.

3. Make up another story about stress
Let your imagination run wild and make up another story in which the characters also suffer from stress. What will they do to feel better?

4. Create your own concept of stress
Once your children have understood what stress entails, you can make your own definition. What do you consider stress to be? Ask them to list some situations in their lives that are stressful for them and try to find a way to end them.

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