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11 weird names for Venezuelan boys that you will never have heard

11 weird names for Venezuelan boys that you will never have heard

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Although generally Venezuelan children's names They are chosen for religious inspiration or family tradition, there are some parents who want to go further and seek original creations or combinations of names to give a special touch to the new member of the family. Sometimes they manage to get rather interesting and attractive weird names, but at other times, they turn out to be a grammatical catastrophe.

Every day it seems that the barriers between original names and Tuki names are increasingly blurred. However, the state has a law that prohibits parents from choosing names for their children 'Exposing them to ridicule, are extravagant or difficult to pronounce in the official language '.

This same document calls to avoid those that "contain familiar and colloquial variants that denote a confused identification or that generate doubts about the determination of sex." Nonetheless, few parents abide by these rules. There are many who choose strange names for their sons or daughters and, on many occasions, take foreign inspiration.

Here are some nicknames that you probably have never heard.

We start with some names for girls from Venezuela ... They will surprise you!

1. Deyanira: (Deyi / Deya)
This is a proper name for women from the Greek Deyaneira, which means 'The one who defeats the heroes'. So it is a very original, strong and attractive name for girls.

2. Verushka: (Veru)
This is a very original and attractive (and a bit weird) name for girls and originally comes from the Slavic variant of the name Vera, which means 'Truth'.

3 Ninoska: (Nino / Nina)
This name is of Russian origin and is a variant of Nina, although it also has a possible origin from the Hebrew Yeohannan, which means 'God has been merciful'.

4. Indira: (Indi / Dira)
You can also find this name also as Yndira, its origin is Hindu as a direct reference to the wife of God Narayan, Lakshmi and means 'The one who bears beauty'.

5. Aleska: (Ale)
This name is of Polish origin and means 'The one who defends humanity', among all, this is one of the most original names used both in Venezuela and in the rest of the world, being almost impossible to know another girl with this name.

6. Valeska: (Okay)
Very similar to the previous one, but with a totally different origin, as this name comes from Latin and is a variant of Valeria, which is why it means 'The one who is strong and brave'.

We now turn to children's names ... Which will be the weirdest?

7. Anthony: (Tony)
Among all the most original names for boys, this is one of the most popular in Venezuela. It is of Greek origin and means 'One who is worthy of praise'. It is, therefore, a very strong and masculine name.

8. Johan: (Johan / Jhon)
Of unknown origin, there are three possible theories of its provenance: Hebrew, German, and Czech. In any case, you should know that they all refer to a variant of John, which means 'One who is faithful to God'.

9. Leoncio: (Leo)
As you must be imagining, it is a variant of Leo, although rarer than others such as León, Leonardo or Leonel. This name is of Greek origin and means 'One who is brave like a Lion'.

10. Raimundo: (Rai)
Among the rare names of Venezuelan children we also highlight Raimundo. This name is of German origin and means 'One who is a good counselor'. It was a connotation for those men who listened and gave wise advice.

11. Israel: (Isra / Esra)
This name comes from Hebrew and means 'He who fights alongside God'. You may have heard this one on occasion, but it still sounds very original, right?

This sample of rare names for both girls and boys is a clear example that Venezuelan creativity also pays off positive results in terms of choosing names for new members of the family. Do you like one for your son?

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