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8 challenges all children face before their first birthday

Surely you also find it wonderful to see how your baby grows, and it is a challenge for him to get older and for you a delight to see that overnight he has acquired a new and surprising ability. As we know that the curiosity of young and old has no limit, in we have prepared a list with the most common (and also fun) things they represent a little challenge that children face before their first birthday. Let's see them!

Laughing loudly, holding your hand and not wanting to let go, take their first steps ... These are just some of the things that babies do before they are one year old. The reason? This is how their physical and mental development guide it. Be clear that each baby has its own rhythm and that some will achieve these skills before others, but all of them will undoubtedly do it before they celebrate their first birthday. Don't forget to have your camera close at hand!

1. Take your first steps
There are children who start to stand up at only 8 months of age and there are those who are not until 18 months old that they dare to take a few short steps on their own, however, all will have the ability to take one step after another. before the year, either her mother's hand or clinging to the edge of the sofa. How exiting!

2. Make your first drawing
No, we are not wrong. Drawing their first drawing is another thing that children must do before their first birthday and that must be yes or yes on this list. Surely you are going to do the same as me and you are going to save that drawing as if it were a work of art. Of course, the drawing will consist of some scribbles drawn with a wax on a blank sheet of paper, and it will be very nice!

Babies have the ability to hold a pencil and put it on a piece of paper making a few strokes. Remember that at this age they put everything in their mouth so do not leave your little one with the colored waxes in hand.

3. Bend down and get back up
Once your baby learns to stand on his own, it won't take long for him to bend down to pick up something that caught his eye and stand upright again. It is another thing that babies have to do before they are one year old and that you cannot miss under any circumstances. It's adorable watching them do this! You may bend over and get up again before you can even walk on your own.

4. Learn to catch food with your hands
You can offer him a piece of cooked potato or any vegetable that falls apart when it comes into contact with his mouth so that he can pick it up with his fingers alone. Children from 6 months of age, which is when the first foods should be introduced, show an amazing fine motor skills that allow them to easily pick up food and put it in their mouths.

Have you already given your baby cereals with gluten? If so, put some cooked macaroni cut into small pieces on his plate and let him have a great time by taking them to his mouth by himself. Of course, as you may have imagined, it will leave everything very dirty but, it is well worth it!

5. Laugh out loud
Let me share with you one of the most beautiful memories I have of my little ones. My six-year-old son started making funny noises with his mouth and clapping his hands at home, and my daughter, who was just 6 months old, laughed out loud when she saw what her older brother was doing. I didn't even think about running for my cell phone to record it, I just stood there looking at it and enjoying the moment to the fullest. Surely when your baby laughs like this it will also be one of the most beautiful memories you keep. A baby's first laugh is the most beautiful there is!

6. Take off your shoes and socks
A few months ago when I went to the check-up with my baby, the nurse asked me if she took off her shoes and / or socks herself. I said no. Well, it was a few days later that he began to do it over and over again, especially when he was in the car.

It is another skill that they achieve before the end of the year and that they do not stop repeating whenever they remember and it is that they find it the most fun and at the same time gratifying since they see that, after the effort, they achieve their goal, take off their shoes and the socks and that you put them back on.

7. Go up and down a step
Going up and down a step, with help of course, is another skill that is included in the long list of goals that babies achieve before one year of age. There will be times when you want to try a high step and others that settle for a street curb. In any case, let him try because it is something that will make him gain in agility, but always by his side to avoid hurting himself.

8. Give your parents a loving kiss
We could not close the list of things that children do before turning one year without talking about kisses. Those that will taste like honey even if they are full of slime. The first kiss that your baby gives you, even if he only makes the gesture of putting his lips on your cheek, it will be the most beautiful in the world.

The baby likes the feeling of giving the kiss since he notices the warmth of the cheek of his mother and father and at the same time it will be very funny because he will do everything possible to imitate the sound of the kiss. There you have another memory that you will keep like gold on cloth.

And you? Would you add something else to the list of things that children have to do before 1 year?

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