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Beautiful diminutives of the most typical children's names in Argentina

The country of southern Latin America is full of traditions and mixes of cultures that, over the years, have merged to become the beautiful Argentina that it is today. A country with a European touch, that has not been able to escape from that spicy and vibrant flavor of the new world, which can be easily observed among the historic streets and architecture where the happy people live in the characteristic Latin sound of these lands. And all this culture is also reflected in the names for boys that parents choose for their children in Argentina.

Here we bring you a list that contains some more typical names and others a little more original, all of them accompanied by their origin and meaning. In addition, we indicate the diminutive of each of these names because, in the end, it is very likely that you will end up calling your little one that way.

European influence has reached Argentina, especially in regard to Italian, French or German culture. For this reason, it is natural to find some people with names inspired by foreign countries, as well as modifications in Castilian of names that come from outside. These are some of the favorites by Argentine parents.

1. Nicolás (Nico)
An attractive name for boys that is the perfect union between the old and the new world, as an adaptation in Spanish of the original Greek name Niké-Laos which means 'The victory of the people'. A couple of curious facts about this name is that it is one with the most variations in the world and one of the most used in royalty.

2. Lucas (Luca / Luk)
This name is of Latin origin and means 'The luminous one'. At the time Lucas was one of the most popular and classic names in Argentina. Although there was a time when it was discontinued, its fame has returned, since it is listed as one of the best options for attractive names for boys in recent years.

3. Ian (Ian)
A short name but full of masculine appeal, it is another name of European inspiration adapted to the new world, although it does not change its etymology. This name is of Scottish origin and is, in fact, a variant of John, so its meaning is 'The faithful follower of God'. Being such a short name, it is difficult to form diminutives. Do you know any?

4. Ariel (Ari)
A very original name in Argentina, although little used. Its origin is Hebrew and it was used as a unisex name, a characteristic that still prevails. A curious fact about this name is that it has several meanings such as: ‘The lion of God’, ‘The creature of God’ or ‘The one who is on the altar of God’.

5. Jorge: (Jorgito)
Another name with old world influences, for George, but one of the most popular in Argentina. Although its origin is actually Greek Georgos which means "The gardener" and refers to the men who take care of the land. It is used as a diminutive Jorgito, but also Georgie or Jor.

6. Santino: (Santi)
A rare name in Argentina, but therefore one of the most original in this land and an excellent option if you are looking for a name that has a unique characteristic. It is of Latin origin, as a variant of Sanctus and means 'Consecrated to God'.

7. Sergio (Sergi)
This name comes from the Latin Sergius, whose meaning is protector or guardian. Did you know that it was used as a surname until the Romans used it as a name? It has a very little used feminine variant 'Sergina' or 'Sergine'.

8. Leonardo (Leo)
One of the most attractive and popular names for boys in Argentina, along with one of its variants (León or Leonel). It is of Germanic origin and means "He who is strong like a Lion." As you can imagine, Leo is a name that is heard a lot in Argentina although it is because of a Lionel ... Lionel Messi!

9. Lucio: (I fight)
Another of the most popular names in Argentina for boys, it has a sweet characteristic but without leaving its masculine essence. Another widely used variant of this name in Argentina is Luciano, whose diminutive is Laucha. Lucio's origin is Latin and means "The one who shines."

And, how could it be otherwise, in this list we have also included some compound names. And there are many parents who decide to choose a combination of names for their little ones. It is a nice way to build a name with more tradition and history.

10. Michelangelo (Miki)
One of the most popular combinations in Argentina and in the world, is a combination of the Hebrew Mika-El (Who is like God?) And the Greek Angel (He who announces a message). It's a very powerful sounding name, right?

11. Juan Carlos (Juani / Juano / Juancar)
This is a common combination in this country and in many others. It combines the Hebrew John (Faithful follower of God) with the Germanic Karl (Free man). Can you imagine your son with this name?

12. Luis Alberto (Al)
A more relaxed combination adapted to the new times, which gives freshness and sympathy as a choice for an attractive name for boys. It combines both names of German origin: Luis (The illuminated in the battle) and Alberto (Man name and brilliant).

13. Juan Ignacio (Juani)
Juan is the preferred name for most combinations of masculine names in Latin America. On this occasion, the Hebrew name is combined with Ignacio, who is of Spanish origin, as an adaptation to the Latin Ignatus which means 'He who is full of fire'.

Which name or attractive combination of the old and new world do you like best?

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