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When the rooster crowed. Children's story of animals to start the day

Children love it when we tell them a bedtime story (and in fact this habit has so many benefits). But what if this time we turned it around and read a story when we woke up? It's a great way to start the day with joy, love, and a smile on your face, don't you think? This can be an impossible task during the week, but on weekend mornings there is plenty of time. Do not miss this animal tale titled "When the rooster sang" which, in addition, has a very beautiful ending that will give us the opportunity to talk with the children about a complicated but highly desirable concept such as peace.

That day, at dawn, something strange happened and when the rooster crowed, everyone woke up with the need to attend, understand and worry about the life of the one next to them:

The rooster heard the barking of the dog.

The dog heard the cat's meow.

The cat learned to fly with the bird.

The bird watched the mouse gnaw.

The mouse learned to weave with the spider.

The spider heard the buzz of the fly.

The fly heard the horse whinny.

The horse learned to moo with the cow.

The cow learned to bleat with the sheep.

The sheep heard the howl of the wolf.

The wolf heard the bear's growl.

The bear watched the salmon swim.

The salmon understood when the fisherman spoke.

The fisherman heard the crowing of the rooster.

And the rooster crowed, crowed and crowed again to hear the barking of the dog again.

Feeling a great inner peace, everyone began to look at each other with a beautiful smile; and there were no more wars in the world.

Besides being the perfect excuse to spend a fun time with the family, this children's story can be an excuse to work with your children on certain skills or organize some fun activities to complement the story. Here we propose some of them, which you can adapt to the tastes and ages of your children.

1. Talk about peace with your children
As you have been able to read, this story ends by talking about peace and wars. We propose a fun game: ask your little ones what peace means to them. Your answers will surely surprise you. And it is very likely that your little ones have heard about peace hundreds of times, but are not entirely clear about what it means. This conversation, which will only make sense with older children since peace is a very complicated term for children, can continue with the reading of other stories that also talk about peace.

2. Teach children the sounds of animals
You can also take advantage of this poem to teach younger children about animal sounds. Little by little, your children will learn that dogs go 'wow', but also that this is called barking. Did you know that elephants sweep and pigeons buzz? You too have a lot to learn!

3. Make a picture of all these animals
If your child is young, you can suggest that he draw a picture of the animals that appear in this story. It is possible that his masterpiece consists of colored stripes but surely you are able to distinguish that dog and that rooster. You too can draw to take an example and have a fun time with your family.

4. Puppets of animals to organize a play
And finally, we propose a fun craft that you can do from reading this story, animal puppets with ice cream sticks! It is as simple as that in the previous days you keep sticks (although they can also be the ones used in the pediatrician, well-cleaned thick sticks from the park, pencils, etc.) and that you buy colored cards, scissors and glue. Draw the faces of the animals, cut them out and glue them to the top of the stick. You already have puppet lists that you can play with and even organize a play! If your children are young, whenever they play with them, supervise them to avoid scares.

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