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14 popular names for girls in Colombia with their cute diminutives

14 popular names for girls in Colombia with their cute diminutives

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Colombia is a beautiful land rich in culture; Wherever you go it is full of color and music, it is a great symbol for popular joy and that is transmitted when choosing names for girls that are born in this tasty region. Do you know what are the most popular names in Colombia? Below we have prepared a list with its meaning, its origin and its most repeated diminutive. And it is that in the end the diminutives are the names that are most used to call your baby in a loving way.

In Colombia, tradition is mixed with new trends to name the new Colombians who are on the way. For example, the choice of attractive names based on the names of parents or grandparents (such as a dynasty), names made up of both, or names inspired by artists and important figures in Colombia.

If you want to be inspired by this land of magic and culture to choose from the best name for your girl, including their own beautiful diminutives, then check out these examples.

1. Catalina: (Tasting)
Catalina is a very popular name in Colombia of all time and a beautiful name for a girl full of Colombian flavor. This name has its Greek etymological root, it is a feminine proper noun and it means 'Pure or Immaculate Woman'.

2. Carolina: (Caro / Carola / Lina)
A beautiful name for girls that you can always hear in the streets of Colombia for its freshness and sweet tone. Its origin derives from the German name "Karl" and means "Endowed with great intelligence."

3. Paola: (Pao)
It comes from Latin and its meaning is 'Little woman'. But I will tell you that no Latin Paola woman has in her the fragility that is attributed to her meaning, but that she is a completely strong woman. One of the most commonly used diminutives of this name is Pao.

4. Luciana: (Luci)
This original name for girls derives from the Latin ‘Lucianus’, it is a variant of Lucia and means ‘Born under the light of day’. This name has been popular since 2017. Can you see why? It is such a beautiful name that it gives a special touch.

5. Daniela: (Dani)
A very popular name in many Latin countries, but very traditional in Colombia since it is given a fresh and sweet meaning. This name has a Hebrew origin as a variation of the name Daniel ‘Danyyel’ which means ‘The justice of God’.

6. Salomé: (Salo)
It comes from the Hebrew 'Salomeh' which means 'She who is close to perfection'. Without a doubt an original name for girls, with a meaning that gives it a very Latin touch. Among the most frequent diminutives of this name: Salo or Sal.

7. Mariana: (Mari / Marianita)
Another very popular name that never loses its popularity in Colombia, for its freshness and sweet tone that is attributed to the girls who wear it. Its origin is Hebrew and represents the union of two names: 'Maria' which means 'The chosen one and Anna which means Full of grace'.

Of course, a special section dedicated to those beautiful names for girls created from two names, which can be used separately or unified. Among them are:

8. María José: (Majo)
This is one of the most chosen compound names in Colombia for girls. The meaning of both names is Hebrew, 'Myriam' which means 'The chosen one of God and Jhosep which means God will provide'. Did you know that María is one of the most translated names in the world?

9. Dulce María: (Dulce / Dulcemaría)
A very beautiful name for girls that gives a special touch to whoever wears it. It became popular in Colombia for about a decade. Dulce comes from the Latin ‘Dulcis’ which means ‘The one that is pleasant’.

10. Luz Marina: (Little Light)
One of the compound names with the most Latin flavor that exists, it represents very well the combination of Colombian joy with the Caribbean sea. Luz comes from the Latin Lux which means 'The one that gives clarity', while Marina comes from the Latin and means 'Woman of the sea'. When making a diminutive of this name, Lucecita is usually used.

11. Ana Sofía: (Anisofí)
A very beautiful and sweet name for girls widely used in Colombia, definitely a combination to consider. Sofía comes from the Greek, a proper name for a woman that means "She who is gifted with good judgment."

12. Luisa Fernanda: (Luisa / Fer)
This compound name is another of the most popular names for girls in Colombia that never goes out of style. Both names come from Germanic origin, ‘Luisa’ means ‘Warrior’ and ‘Fernanda’ means ‘The one who is bold in peace’.

13. Paola Andrea: (Pao)
Paola is a name that, as we have told you before, means 'little woman'. On the other hand, Andrea comes from the Greek and means 'brave'. This is a perfect name for a girl with a personality as bright as your daughter on the way.

14. Sandra Milena (San)
This is also a very common compound name in Colombia. Sandra is a name that comes from Greek and means 'the protector'. On the other hand, Milena has a Slavic origin and means 'glory'. By putting both names together, we come up with a nickname composed with a beautiful sound and a poetic meaning.

With these names, surely you want to give a special and very Latin touch to that of your future girl. It's not like that?

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