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A friendship lost to bites. Story for children who bite others

Many children go through a phase in which they bite their parents, their friends, and everyone who crosses their path. This can be a problem for the child who, like the protagonist in this story, may find it difficult to make friends. This tale titled 'A friendship lost to bites' It is an ideal tool for lchildren who bite others be reflected and stop doing it.

In the great World of Fantasy there was commotion and tension. The little fairy Carmen had started to bite everything. At first, his objective was the forest. There was no fruit that he had not sunk his tooth into. And although he had received scolding and punishment, his behavior had not improved.

As the weeks went by, things had gotten worse. Now the victims were his friends, with whom he shared games and tasks. Fermin had bitten the little goblin on the left ear. Fermín was crying and Carmen excused herself by saying that since her friend was black, she thought it was made of chocolate and that it could be eaten. New scolding and new punishment.

The elf Cristina had not had better luck. This little girl had intense orange hair and Carmen explained, after the opportune bite, that she only pretended to find out if it tasted like orange. The same pretext used by our fairy after leaving the imprint of her teeth on the arm of Chinlin, a funny ogre with Chinese human ancestors. As it was yellow, Sofia said she had mistaken it for a lemon. More scolding and more punishment.

They were all very angry and in pain and no one wanted to play with Carmen again. The little fairy kept biting her teeth with everything she found, but every time she was lonely and sadder. He watched from afar as his former classmates laughed, shared toys, and played in the Fantasy forest.

Biting was beginning to bore her, she wanted to play with her friends, but every time she got close to them, they all fled flying or running. Finally, the sorceress Morgana arranged a meeting between the little ones. In it, Carmen tearfully apologized to everyone and assured that no bite was more important than having friends. And the thing is, loneliness had taught the fairy Carmen an important lesson: you have to take care of your friends and, above all, never hurt them.

In addition to your child realizing why it is not okay to bite, you can take advantage of this story to work on the child's reading comprehension. This skill, which must be perfected little by little, is improved with practice. Therefore, below we propose some questions based on the story that you can ask your child to see if he was paying attention, always taking into account how old he is.

- Why were they so nervous in the great World of Fantasy?

- What excuse did the fairy Carmen use when one of her friends bit?

- Why was the fairy Carmen left alone and without friends?

- How did you solve the problem in the great World of Fantasy?

As an extra activity, we propose you look up some of the more complicated words in the dictionary that appears in the text. We refer, for example, to words like 'twitching' or 'scolding'. Before picking up the dictionary, you can ask your children if they are able to discover the meaning of these words from the context of the story. This task, which is very difficult for younger children, will pose a little challenge for your children.

You can then look up the words in the dictionary. We recommend that you use a physical dictionary, of the paper ones (if you still have one at home), since this is a good exercise for children to improve their knowledge of the alphabet. And if they are too small to still know the letters, it is always positive that they take an example from you, that when you have a question you look for a tool to answer it.

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