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How to calm pregnancy cravings in a healthy way - yes, you can!

How to calm pregnancy cravings in a healthy way - yes, you can!

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Chocolates, pancakes with syrup, fruits with condensed milk, lemon ice cream, fritters, bright and delicious baked cakes. You crave? To many people it sure will, but I'm even more certain that pregnant women will say 'Hmm!' and their mouths will probably water. Cravings in pregnancy are the most common, and it is not bad to satisfy them, but you always have to do with a healthy conscience. Therefore, On our site we give you some keys so that you know how to calm your cravings without abandoning a healthy diet.

There is no scientific answer to why cravings appear during pregnancy, but many health experts explain that this is due to hormonal changes that occur, which make the senses of smell and taste more sensitive. While, other specialists claim that cravings represent a nutritional compensation that increases during pregnancy.

This can be explained, for example, with the low levels of B vitamins, beta-carotene glucose and the need for proteins, which lead the mother to consume chocolates, fruits, flour, red meat and many sweets. Especially during the afternoon or early morning hours, where several hours have passed since the last meal.

However, there is not always a clear relationship between the desire for certain foods and a mere need for physical health of the mother during pregnancy. Which I personally think explains the slightly exotic cravings. Did you know, for example, that There are women who crave toilet paper or toothpaste? A couple of the mothers of my friends confirmed it to me, with their funny stories of pregnancies, which is something extremely curious.

Maintaining a balanced diet is essential during pregnancy so that health problems for the mother or complications for the baby do not develop. Remember that during this stage, the mothers' immune system is constantly dynamic, so it can be altered and an improper intake of foods high in fat and calories can cause:

  • Diabetes
  • Tension problems
  • High triglyceride levels
  • Heart problems
  • Overweight
  • Hormonal repercussions from changes in the thyroid
  • Promoting preeclampsia

Many women tend to believe that certain cravings are not harmful in pregnancy And just because they are on the treadmill they can eat whatever they want, because it will just disappear once they give birth. However, a poor diet can maintain or aggravate the symptoms that it has presented in the gestation period and can even affect the health of the baby, making it prone to developing hormonal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and metabolic imbalances.

For all this, you have to keep an eye wide open with the way you satisfy those cravings and here we will give you some clues so you know how to make them healthier.

1. Prepare your pantry
The first thing is to take preventive actions, for this we recommend placing healthy foods and snacks in your pantry. Such as fruits, oats, nuts, red fruits, dark chocolate, skim milk ... But above all, eliminate the temptations and foods that can harm you, such as fats and fried foods.

2. Go to a nutritionist
If you have many doubts about what you can eat and what you should avoid, then go to a nutritionist to give you a simple and satisfactory guide to calm your cravings in a healthy way.

3. Look for alternatives
Although your body 'asks' you for certain foods, it is not necessary that you fulfill them at the foot of the craving. You can trick your brain with healthier and just as delicious options. For example: Dark chocolate or fruits instead of sweets or industrial pastries. The best snacks to satisfy you in a healthy way are red fruits and nuts, since they offer healthy fats and many nutrients.

4. Don't skip meals
If you do not eat at your normal hours, the cravings will become more and more unbearable and continuous, because your body has been starving for a long time. So it is important to always eat the three main meals a day, preferably on a fixed schedule and have a few small snacks between meals, to reduce the intensity of cravings.

5. Entertain
Spending time with friends, with your family, doing satisfying activities, going for a walk, and exercising also greatly help reduce the intensity of cravings. This is possible thanks to lowering anxiety levels that can also cause cravings during pregnancy.

Always remember, consult with your doctor if you have any questions about your pregnancy, including the correct diet during this stage, so that you maintain ideal health for you and your baby.

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