Tips for removing marker stains from the nursery wall

Tips for removing marker stains from the nursery wall

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If there is something that children have, it is innocence, and above all, freedom. Although parents try to set a series of limits that they must comply with, sometimes they jump them precisely because they are free souls. And that happens many times when they have a marker pen, a tempera or something you paint, and a giant canvas at your beck and call. That is, the your bedroom wall.

Although we must warn them that it is something not to do, and we can prevent by putting wallpaper, or we constantly scold them, many times it is inevitable, so we have to know how to remove these stains from the wall of the children's room.

If the room is white and you haven't used a permanent markerWe will be in luck, since the magic eraser that we can buy in a supermarket is truly a revelation and will help us to put an end to these scribbles, which although they are made with all the good intention, they do not have to be on the children's wall.

A lifelong home remedy is that of soap and water. Using this simple and natural mixture with a little alcohol that does not damage the paint on the wall, and with the help of a cloth or a towel, rubbing gently we can make our child's art disappear.

On the other hand, we can also use an infallible trick that is that of the toothpaste. To do this, what we have to do is take our usual toothpaste bottle, and a brush that we do not use, as well as a damp cloth with which to help us at this given moment.

When we are clear about which area we want to remove from the wall stains, we put a little paste on the old brush and begin to rub. Depending on the ink, it will take more or less, but it will end up coming out. He wet rag It will be the one that will help us to eliminate the remains of paint around.

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