La Paz teaches children to live as brothers

La Paz teaches children to live as brothers

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Peace It is the noble art of living as brothers, a quality that is not born with it, but must be taught to children from an early age. At International Day of Peace, we should reflect on whether we are doing everything possible to teach our children this noble art both at home and in schools.

The brain of children has an infinite capacity to assimilate the social experiences accumulated by humanity over hundreds of generations. Thus, in this way, children learn to speak almost without realizing it. Why not take advantage of this plasticity of the human brain to instill values ​​such as peace? It is the mission of parents, educators and teachers, who care for and care for children, to teach them how to develop the noble art of living as brothers.

Lucky that some organizations like Unicef ​​give us a hand. And it is that teaching how to build peace from the earliest childhood is one of the objectives of Unicef, which from its website, teaches children how to be a peace builder through a decalogue, which expresses with phrases the peace goals that we must build from childhood. Some of the messages with which Unicef ​​intends to teach the value of peace in the world are:

- I treat others well
- I am in solidarity with others
- we live together accepting that we are different, I defend life
- I share with those who are in difficult situations
- I do not harm others
- I listen, understand and respect that there are different opinions
- I forgive and do not hold a grudge
- I take care of plants and animals

Learn to live together in peace and harmonyIt will only be possible by configuring a well-structured action plan that fills the minds of children with norms, values, concepts and behaviors towards the assumption of peace and the rejection of violence as essential components of their personality. And this we have to do at the moment that the child forms his personality, not after.

Fostering the assimilation of values ​​of peace, prosperity, perseverance, appreciation of diversity, honesty, honesty, work and respect will help children to create a better world. Educating a child in these values ​​means that in the future the world will have an adult who will put what they have learned into practice and translate it into their work. The key to becoming a country that proclaims peace in unison lies in the education of children.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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