Prepare with the children a sustainable (and economic) return to school

Prepare with the children a sustainable (and economic) return to school

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With the end of summer, it is time to prepare for the children's return to school: material, uniforms, backpack ... How can we achieve a sustainable back to school that benefits the environment and also our pockets? It is simpler than it seems, the key is in the three R's: recycle, reduce and reuse. Involving your kids in preparing for this eco-friendly back to school is a great idea, as it will show them that there is another way to do things. Let's see it!

You start preparing everything: Books, uniforms, pencils, cases ... And a host of other things. And that's when you ask yourself: is there a way to spend less money? Can you use fewer resources and help the environment? The answer is a resounding yes. Follow these tips and you will leave doubts.

1. Book loans or rentals
Children's textbooks take the big budget line when it's back to school. But, in addition, also a huge waste of paper. How can we reduce one and the other?

There are regions where a book loan program has been created. Starting in primary education, the competent authorities lend students all the books they need for the school year. At the end of the year, the books (with the exception of the expendable booklets) will be returned in good condition so that they can be loaned again next year to other students. The little ones learn to take care of the material, the parents save money and the trees get their much-deserved respite. They are all advantages!

If in your city there is no loan of books, go to your environment and ask or buy books that have already been used at a lower price. You yourself will be able to lend the ones your child used last year.

2. Material from the last school year can be reused
Ok, if the pen has worn out, you have to buy another (unless it is rechargeable), but surely that pencil can still have a second life, or that notebook that has a few pages left, or the case that still like the first day.

This time your children will be in charge of having their school supplies ready to go to class. Involving them in a sustainable return to school is essential for them to understand it. By the way, if the plastic to cover the books has survived, it can be reused for the next batch. What if you use other more ecofriendly materials to line them?

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3. School uniforms: What to do for a sustainable back to school?
First of all, review the uniform from the previous year and see if it can be used by making some other adjustments to the hem or waist. If the answer is negative, borrow what you need from your friends or resort to one of the famous second-hand apps.

If your son or daughter is not wearing a uniform, you can also do something to achieve a sustainable back to school. Prepare some outfits for her to wear during the week that are comfortable and simple, that is, select clothes that will serve as a uniform. I prepare two or three tracksuit games for my son, this way I don't have the dilemma of 'mom, I want to wear this and not the other'.

There is still more. We can think of more things to achieve a sustainable, economic and also ecological return that reduces pollution and contributes to curbing climate change.

For example, go to school on foot, by bike or by public transport and, if you have no choice but to go by car, let it be shared. Surely a colleague who also needs to go by car lives near your house.

Another very valid example, reduce or eliminate the consumption of plastic in the snack sandwich and in the water bottle (those made of stainless steel are the best) and that the new notebooks are made of recycled paper.

Now you know how to achieve a sustainable, responsible and economical return to school. Ready to start?

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