Ways to improve the morning chaos at the children's back to school

Ways to improve the morning chaos at the children's back to school

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There are no more days of summer and the countdown to the children's return to school begins. The first consequence? We mothers and fathers are stressed! According to some studies, 60% of parents lose sleep during the back-to-school season (and so much!) And 57% consider this time of year to be the most stressful. Therefore, from our site we want to tell you 5 ways to improve morning chaos now that the kids are back in school.Everything is for them and for us!

For working parents, these months can be filled with conflicting schedules, competing demands, and a host of additional tasks that need to be built into the morning schedule. By the time the children say 'goodbye' and walk through the school door, some of us may feel like we've already worked all day.

However, for make this moment of morning chaos more bearable, we've found some tips to help relax some of your biggest morning challenges with back to school. With the same time management and productivity approaches that you use in the office, you can regain control of your mornings - well, mostly at least. I assure!

1. Prepare in advance
Be proactive! One of the most important things you can do to prevent morning chaos is stay ahead, meaning planning ahead can help you save time and create order. For example, the night before make a list of things you can do when the little ones are already sleeping peacefully in their bed: put out clothes, check homework and make sure backpacks are packed, prepare lunches ... .

Another idea could be to sit down and talk with your child on Sunday afternoons to plan what they will take for lunch in their backpack, and then cook together to have everything ready. For example: Monday, potato omelette; Tuesday fruit; Wednesday, dairy with nuts; Thursday, fruit; Friday, cake or homemade cookies made by you (forget about the processed ones).

2. Create an information system
Back to school paperwork is its own challenge, right? To avoid missing something, here is an excellent tip! Get a folder or a filing cabinet for each child you have and divide it into categories: 'homework', 'field trips', 'authorizations', 'doctors' ... At the end of each school day, check the folder immediately and place Everything in its place.

When you have everything well divided and organized, you can show your child (if he is already in primary school) that folder so that he can save each paper in its corresponding category. It will be a way of taking responsibility for their things (even if you check it later) and for them to gain autonomy!

3. Establish your own rituals
With children, the hours fly by and, sometimes, it is difficult to know how long it will take us to do each thing. Hence, I encourage you to create a time-locked morning planner for each activity. There you have to include if you are alone or your partner also accompanies you in this morning routine and divide the tasks between the two and even make subcategories. For example, breakfast includes preparation, cooking, service, and cleaning. When you have all that information ready, share it with your child, it can motivate him to follow the plan! The idea of ​​having a ritual can create a sense of calm and familiarity for children.

4. Anticipate problems
Think about tomorrow: what do you think can go wrong? it can be avoided? In my case I can tell you that while I comb my oldest daughter (she just turned 8), the little one, 4 years old, runs around me and makes it very difficult for me, so I always have the toy box close to keep her occupied . It is simply having a plan B for situations like this or for others like the child getting sick. In my case, I know that it can pull my network of mothers who is always there for whatever you need, and vice versa.

5. Stop looking for perfection
Never lose perspective! Your mornings may be a mess, but you are not the only one. If you don't believe it, ask any mother or father, they are surely in the same situation! He or she will have their methods, just like you have yours, so find what works for you and stick with it. And most of all, don't let the pressure of trying to create a perfect morning put extra stress on you. Give your child, but also yourself, a happy atmosphere in the morning!

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