What to eat at Christmas parties if you are breastfeeding your baby

What to eat at Christmas parties if you are breastfeeding your baby

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Christmas is coming, a time of multiple meetings to share with family, friends, co-workers, at the children's school, and stop counting. With it, doubts also increase in the breastfeeding mother, regarding what to drink, especially when having in front of any amount of delicacies that are prepared at this time of year. Here is a complete guide on what to eat at Christmas party if you are breastfeeding.

To the mother who breastfeeds, family and friends often encourage her to eat everything and more, so that she can replenish the energy she spends breastfeeding. Certainly, you should increase your caloric intake, but it is not about eating more, you are in a beautiful stage and, to enjoy it, you must prioritize your health and that of your baby. Each country has a great variety of dishes that are served only on those special dates, but The main thing to keep in mind is to maintain a balanced diet.

Some social gatherings begin with a bite of cold cuts, patés and cheeses. Decántate by those that are well cooked and are low in sodium; As for cheeses, make sure they are made with pasteurized milk. Stay away from artisan and homemade ones, to avoid any contamination by bacteria.

Avoid abusing what is not very nutritious, such as nougat, polvorones, donuts, marzipan and others. If it provokes you a dessert, choose one that does not have liquor and that is based on fruit or yogurt ice cream. A good option is to have some fruit for dessert. Pineapple, for example, which is widely used in Christmas preparations, will help you have a good digestion. Don't be tempted to help yourself to oversized portions of your favorites either, just because it will take a year to eat them again.

If your country usually prepares fish-based dishes for Christmas, make sure it is well cooked and avoid those with the highest concentration of mercury (swordfish, dogfish and bonito among them). If, on the other hand, the preference is for meats (turkey, chicken, pork, beef), the same suggestion is valid regarding cooking and that your preparations are not very spicy.

Try to accompany these proteins with a good amount of legumes and vegetables, such as chard and spinach; Also add complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, preferably steamed, baked or mashed, not fried. Salads are another healthy and pleasant garnish, combine lettuce with dried fruit and a little fresh cheese. Garnish with a light vinaigrette, the main dish surely already has enough flavor and you do not need to add very spicy sauces.

In some countries it is customary to eat lentils for Christmas and New Years, as a good luck ritual. It is an excellent option for its iron intake, which will reduce the risk of anemia.

If your baby has been allergic, you must be careful that what you eat does not contain this ingredient. There is always a variety of dishes around the Christmas festivities, so you can skip the ones you consider least beneficial or have doubts.

Wines, cocktails, beers and champagne are present in these celebrations. The best recommendation is that you refrain from consuming them, because alcohol passes into your bloodstream and from there into breast milk.

If by forgetfulness or by decision, you had a drink to toast, it is not necessary to make yourself a drama, but take some measures. Try to drink alcohol immediately after taking your baby, so that you have at least 3 to 4 hours to eliminate it from your body and increase your consumption of water or juices to speed up the disposal process. .

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