8 benefits of textless picture stories for kids

8 benefits of textless picture stories for kids

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Our little, avid readers got off to a start like all of us. Nobody is born knowing and even less knowing how to read, but that does not mean that we cannot instill in them a love for books from the beginning. How? With the illustrated stories without text for children.

We may not entirely agree with the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, when children still cannot read or still have a hard time, we can resort to the magic of illustrated stories. Because the language of pictures is most stimulating and because showing children illustrated stories without text has many benefits. Do you want to know them?

It is surely one of the most binding and complicit activities that we can do with our children. Read a bedtime story to him or read a fascinating fairy or mystery story together in the afternoon; no matter the way, it is about encouraging the habit of reading on a daily basis. AND to enjoy reading it is not necessary for the child to have learned to read, illustrated stories are for something.

An illustrated album is part of the reading activity and children's stories, even if it does not contain words. Contains images. And the images tell a story to any child who wishes to enter its pages, its colors, its adventure. Friendship stories, authentic adventures in the city, on the farm or in the forest; fantastic beings or characters of flesh and blood; mysteries to be solved, heroes small and great. What do picture books tell?

Picture books tell a story to children, but They have the advantage that this story is not as rigid as stories with text. The images lead the child by the hand, but at any time he can act on his own and interpret what he is seeing in his own way. Thus, each reader of an illustrated story without a text can tell himself and find a different story.

As if this detail of discovering a more flexible and less directed story than in ordinary children's stories was not enough, we have more benefits of illustrated stories without text.

1. We can Promote a taste for reading long before a child learns to read, although picture books can be enjoyed at any age.

2. An illustrated story leaves more room for imagination and therefore to creativity.

3. the amazement of a child When you turn the pages and see how the story progresses in pictures, it is something that parents do not want to miss.

4. To understand the story that the pictures tell, the child has to pay close attention to the details of the drawing, so stimulates concentration and observation skills.

5. An illustrated album promotes the autonomy of the child, since it only has the images, without the support of the text, to follow the story. And besides, you can do it alone, without our help.

6. Although the company is also important, since if we are with him while he is "reading" the illustrated story, he can ask us questions, ask us questions and write down observations. An ideal time for a good conversation.

7. Illustrations without text they leave a lot of room to interpret, to feel, to suppose.... is a very effective tool for us to better understand the emotions of our little ones.

8. What if we ask the child to tell us the story of that illustrated story without text? Is a fabulous exercise to increase your vocabulary and develop your language skills. And who knows? We may find that we have a little author at home.

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