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The girl in the glass box. A story for children and parents

The girl in the glass box. A story for children and parents

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Read this story to your child and then talk to him about what he has understood. The girl in the glass box is an anonymous Swiss story that we have adapted so that parents and children of our site can enjoy it and learn from it. Find out why the mother in the story locks her daughter in a glass box. What can cause overprotection in children. And discover the happy ending to a story that could have serious consequences.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a small town in Switzerland. Her mother loved her and did everything to keep the girl well. But at the same time, he worried a lot about what might happen to his daughter, out of home. When he looked at her, he always said:

- How beautiful you are, my girl! Your eyes are very beautiful, your skin is white and soft like cotton and your body is fragile like glass, I just want you to be happy, that nothing bothers you and nobody hurts you.

His concern was so great that it became an obsession, until one day he decided to put the girl in a large glass box so that she would be safe from any danger. Through a little hole he gave her food and drink, and on sunny days, he carried the box to the garden of the house so that the girl could see the landscape and hear the song of the birds.

The poor girl, very obedient and without complaint, just looked at everything through the glass. He did not breathe fresh air, nor did he sunbathe, nor did he have space to move, run, or children to play with. The days passed and the girl became increasingly pale, sad and haggard. Every day he became more disinterested in what was happening around him.

One day her mother had to go out and left the box with the girl by the door leading to the garden. From there, the girl could see the children playing, running and laughing. Seeing this, the girl began to cry uncontrollably because she wanted to be like other children.

He cried for a long time until a goblin approached the glass cell and asked him if he wanted to play with the children. The girl got up, stopped crying and said yes to the goblin. Immediately, the goblin used his magic wand and, without hurting the girl, broke the crystal, setting her free.

Yes, the girl was free! Finally she could feel the cool air on her cheek, the scent of flowers, and the warmth of the sun's rays. Then he started running around on the grass and playing with the other children. The girl regained her vitality.

But when no one expected it, the girl's mother returned and was shocked to see the broken glass box and her daughter free. He left the house and saw the girl laughing, jumping and playing with the other children. For a moment, he thought about scolding the girl, but when he saw her so happy and so full of life, he approached her and gave her a very, very strong hug. The girl replied to the hug and then returned to the children, while her mother collected the broken glass and forgot about the box forever.


Questions for text comprehension for children

1. What was the girl's mother worried about?

2. What did the mother do to protect her daughter?

3. How did the girl eat and drink?

4. What happens to the girl for being locked in a box?

5. Who released the girl from the box?

6. What did the girl do when she was finally able to get out of the box?

7. What was the mother's reaction to seeing her daughter free?

8. Do you think that children should be locked up to be protected?

9. What else did you like about this story?

10. Would you share this story with your friends?

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